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Tips For A Greener Halloween

Tips For A Greener Halloween

Getting spooky is all fun and games when it comes to Halloween although the waste and toxins that come with conventional celebrations can be downright terrifying for our planet. Say yes to Halloween celebrations that are healthy for people and the planet!
Green Fundraising Programs

Eco-friendly Fundraising List

Looking for a green fundraiser for your school or organization? ECOlunchbox can work with you on a zero waste lunch fundraiser to green your school and earn some greenbacks. Plus, we’ve compiled a list of incredible ways to fundraise sustainably and we invite you to share these ideas with your community.

Find It, Fix It ECOlunchbox Tips

Find It, Fix It ECOlunchbox Tips

We've put together a few tips to make sure your lunchbox makes its way back to you should it ever get lost. And read on to learn more about how to keep it tuned up by following a few simple fix-it and care suggestions!
One and Done. How Reusables Save

One and Done. How Reusables Save $$$

Eco super heroes know how to pick products like ECOlunchbox that save them money - plus take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’! With food and gas prices on the rise many of us are seeking ways to save our pocketbooks from the sticker shock of inflation.
How To Throw A Zero Waste BBQ Tips

How To Throw A Zero Waste BBQ

Let’s be real. It’s almost impossible to throw a totally zero waste BBQ or party. But hosting one that’s (nearly) zero waste is actually pretty easy. I attempted my first zero waste BBQ five years ago. Since then, all my parties and hosted gatherings have followed suit.
Loving Our Ocean Through Art

Loving Our Ocean Through Art

ECOlunchbox sat down with California artist Julie Cohn to learn more about her artistic and personal relationship with our oceans. Cohn is the founder and CEO of Sustaining Arts, an online gallery and group of artists who care about social justice and the environment. 
Odes to Our Oceans

Odes To Our Oceans

Several inspirational books have been published recently by ocean-loving activists seeking to educate, inspire and empower people to join in combating plastic pollution. Join us in celebrating these books that are an invitation to all of us to continue to rally against plastic pollution.
ECOlunchboxes End Of Life

What Should I Do With ECOlunchboxes At End-Of-Life

Our company's trademarked tagline has been "Health For People and Planet" for 13 years. Every minute a garbage truck of plastic is dumped in our oceans. If we continue unremitted, it is expected to increase to two per minute by 2030 and four per minute by 2050. That would mean that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans.

What is Difference Between Silicone vs Plastic

Why Choose Silicone vs. Plastic?

To explain why ECOlunchbox has chosen to use silicone in our leak-proof Blue Water Bento collection, we've prepared this chart comparing the numerous upsides of silicone versus plastic on the basis of ocean safety, food safety, durability, recyclability and other health factors.
Plastic-Free Blue Water Bento Insulated Canisters filled with healthy snacks on a blanket.

Blue Water Bento Insulated Canister Product Launch!

Since ECOlunchbox's founding in 2008, we've changed how traveled food is stored and enjoyed with our innovative plastic-free food containers and lunchware. Our exciting new Blue Water Bento Insulated Canister is the latest in a long line of products offering exceptional durability and performance.

2021 Year In Review

Goodbye Plastic, Goodbye 2021: The Year in Review

As we close the door on another pandemic-challenged year at ECOlunchbox, we look with hope to the possibility of a beautiful, bountiful and plastic-free 2022!

Times have been tough, but ECOlunchbox has relentlessly persisted and overcome challenges throughout 2021. 

ECOlunchbox More Than a Lunchbox

More Than a Lunchbox

Pack, stack, toss them in a sack. That was our original intention when we set out to make lunchtime a place free from plastics that could harm our kids and Mother Nature. Yet, even with our busy lives, ECOlunchbox has become a multi-purpose container for essentials on-the-go!


Kids at the Farmers' Market

Kids at the Farmers' Market

The farmers' market isn't just a place to pick out tasty grub for next week, it can be a great place for learning and growing knowledge about our food chain. By asking these five questions you can guide an educational visit to the Farmer's Market with your family, scout troop, classroom or other group.

Blue Water Bento Splash Box Extra Large Makes Set of 4 Quad

Say Ahoy to the Splash Box Quad Set

Have you seen our Splash Box Quad Set! We absolutely love this plastic-free modular set that we've added to our Blue Water Bento collection. The containers, which are designed to stack and nest, are perfect for wet foods, lunch for kids, reheating meal-prepped meals, and snacks between activities on the go!

ECO Your Lunchbox!

Join us in sharing eco-lunch hacks and enter to win ECOlunchbox gift certificates!

We’re all knocking the rust off our lunch packing habits. It’s been a minute since we could eat on the go, so let’s get in the spirit together! Play our new “ECO Your Lunchbox Game!”

Boy in tree with strawberry to illustrate Our Favorite Backyard Campouts Tips

Eco-Friendly Backyard Campout Games & More

Forget about packing and driving and all the stuff that makes camping work. Adios stress! Skip st...
Dive Into Ocean Conservation

Dive Into Ocean Conservation

What you can do to save our oceans? Celebrate the sea. Go plastic free! The first step is to visit your nearest seaside and renew your love of our oceans. Read on for more practical and fun ocean-loving tips.

eco-friendly, sustainable, plastic free, zero waste

Plastic-Free Gardening Tips

Check out these 6 plastic-free gardening ideas to help you tune up your eco act in the garden this spring. Did you know plastic crops up everywhere when it comes to gardening supplies? Get some new ideas to ditch plastic in the garden.
Break free from plastics image of a girl holding a globe next to a table of ECOlunchbox snack containers.

Break Free From Plastics Act!

Join ECOlunchbox in supporting national legislation to regulate plastics. The Break Free From Plastics Act has been introduced in the U.S. Capitol, paving the way for implementation of policies designed to stem the tide of pollution created by plastic at every stage in its lifecycle.
ECO Gardening

Egg-cellent, Indoor Gardening!

Ready to start your spring planting? Try this ECO fun project starting seeds indoors in repurposed egg shells and then burying the compostable eggs with their seedlings outside in your garden. 
Trashy Takeout Eco Challenge

Trashy Takeout Eco Challenge

Restaurant dining has become a super trashy endeavor during the pandemic. They serve everything in throw-away containers. So, we decided that educating, inspiring, and activating our community around trashy takeout would be an engaging way to celebrate Earth Day 2021!

Stainless steel lunch containers with melon and tortilla chips on a picnic blanket at a lake.

Ready to Get a Jump on Spring?

Here are some fun ideas to get spring in your step before Mother Nature turns the corner. Warmer weather is around the corner, so let’s get in the swing of spring.
ECOlunchbox B Corp

ECOlunchbox is proud to be a Certified B Corporation!

Have you ever seen the B logo and wondered exactly what that certification is all about? ECOlunchbox is a proud B Corp! We want to offer you a chance to learn about "Benefit Corporations" and what makes a better business!
ECOlunchbox Plastic Free B Corp

Farewell 2020, Hello 2021!

With hearts somber yet filled with hope for a brighter future, we bid adieu to 2020 and welcome 2021. We are pleased to report that in the face of so many challenges, ECOlunchbox was nevertheless successful in moving forward with our work to educate, inspire and activate people to say goodbye to plastic.
Plastic Free Shipping by ECOlunchbox

Gifty Plastic-Free Packaging!

This year we’re able to ship your gifts directly from ECOlunchbox with our complimentary zero-waste, plastic-free gift packaging. All shipments will be beautifully packed in crinkle-cut paper, with a handwritten gift postcard, and shipped in a decorative kraft box with custom printed celebratory packing tape.
Carbon Neutral No Plastic Shipments by ECOlunchbox

Plastic Free, Carbon Neutral Shipments

ECOlunchbox Shipments Are Cleaner and Greener Than Ever Before! When you order our products onlin...
Zero Waste Lifestyle Hard During Pandemic With Lots of Trash

Reusables During A Pandemic

The reusables movement has been playing defense since the pandemic hit, but there are still numerous ways to take charge of your waste. Don't give up! Check out these easy tips.

Jennie's Halloween Lunch

Jennie's Halloween Lunch

This lunch itself is so easy to make, but is full of fun! The “main course” is a organic cheese and veggie sandwich, with a spooky, Jack-o’-lantern face cut out of the top piece of bread.
Hit The Trail Not Trash Can

Hit The Trail Not Trash Can

As we all trudge through the new normal of a socially distanced lifestyle, many of us are resorting to spending time outdoors with our families. Our love for nature can have terrible repercussions on our parks and wilderness areas. Fortunately, with some pre-planning you’ll hit the trail, not the trash can, the next time you headout for some outdoor R&R.

Zero Waste School at Home

Zero Waste School at Home

This year is a great year to focus on reducing and reusing with your kids by checking out what you already have on hand and finding fun, creative, solutions for making less of a mark on the environment in the midst of the pandemic. While you might not be headed back to the classroom, that doesn’t mean you can’t make back-to-school a fun adventure for your family!

Glamping With Stainless Steel ECOlunchbox Metal Divided Trays by ECOlunchbox

Glamping ECO style!

Zero-Waste, Plastic-Free Gloriously Green Camping Tips Glamping can mean duvet covers in the wood...
Say Goodbye To Plastic by Sandra Ann Harris Pre-Order Campaign

"Say Goodbye To Plastic" Book Pre-Order

Our founder Sandra Ann Harris is publishing a book called "Say Goodbye to Plastic." Pre-orders placed in July 2020 will be matched with a one-for-one donation to a Title One school. The book is partly a memoir recounting Sandra's founding story of ECOlunchbox as well as an inspirational call to action for people everywhere to join the plastic-free movement. It's packed with how-to plastic-free living tips.

ECOlunchbox Plastic-Free Snack Containers for Road Trips

Road Trip! Tips for Snack Attacks

If you’re traveling with kids, invite them to pack snacks they love. Help them stock up with a variety of healthy options, and be sure to pick shelf-stable snacks that don’t need refrigeration. When kids pack their own goodies, they’re more likely to actually eat them. 
Fun Facts About Seaweed and Hand Roll Recipe by ECOlunchbox

An Ocean Superfood: Seaweed

Learn more about seaweed, a great seafood that's not fish. Here are five surprising facts about this mysterious marine species, plus a recipe for vegetarian Japanese-style hand rolls.

ECOlunchbox Black Lives Matter Statement of Support

May We All Breathe Freely

A letter from our ECOlunchbox founder about Black Lives Matter. As a green business, our voice has traditionally been loudest when it comes to environmental issues, but I’m reaching out to share with you that’s not the only thing we care about at ECOlunchbox.
Plastic-Free Meal Prep Tips

Plastic-Free Meal Prep Tips

The trendy concept of meal prep is on everyone’s lips. In our forever goal of reducing our plastic use, we look to a more flexible and easy meal prep plan sans plastic that also happens to be delicious! Bowls. Yes bowls. Another trendy concept we can’t see going out of style.

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