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Gifty Plastic-Free Packaging!

Plastic Free Shipping by ECOlunchbox
Learn More About Our Attractive Eco-Friendly and Carbon Offset Shipments

Your purchases from ECOlunchbox ship with our complimentary zero-waste, plastic-free gift packaging.

Products are packed in attractive crinkle-cut paper with a handwritten gift postcard and shipped in a decorative kraft box with custom printed celebratory packing tape.

Save the expense and carbon footprint of double shipping your gifts (first to your home for wrapping and re-shipping to your recipient) by purchasing your ECOlunchbox gifts on our website and having them elegantly eco-shipped directly to your whole list.

The retail value of your gift purchases will not be listed on the packing slip. Plus, if you want to add a message to your recipients, just click the gift box in the cart at checkout to type a personal note.

Since our founding in 2008, we’ve always strictly avoided plastic use in all of our products. We’re no strangers to saying goodbye to plastic, but cutting plastic entirely out of the supply chain - especially in shipping - has been incredibly difficult.

Until recently! Now we’re uber eco in our shipments as well as our products!

In 2019, we swapped the poly bags we used to protect our products from dust with recyclable tissue paper wrappers. We also replaced plastic tape with recyclable kraft paper tape. 

Oh! And we counterbalance the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the transport of our UPS packages by purchasing carbon offsets

This means that for every ton of CO2 ECOlunchbox shipments produced in transportation, we fund an equivalent amount of CO2 saved by a verified emission reduction project. 

These are small steps, but they make a huge difference. You can read more about our plastic-free, carbon neutral shipments here

And we’re so proud of the results. So be sure to smile back at our friendly turtle who adds a cheeky green grin on all of our sustainably wrapped gifts this festive season! We’re bringing healthy smiles to people and our planet.

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Carbon Neutral No Plastic Shipments by ECOlunchbox

Plastic Free, Carbon Neutral Shipments

ECOlunchbox Marks Its 15th Earth Day

ECOlunchbox Marks Its 15th Earth Day

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Farewell 2020, Hello 2021!

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