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Goodbye Plastic, Goodbye 2021: The Year in Review

2021 Year In Review

As we close the door on another pandemic-challenged year at ECOlunchbox, we look with hope to the possibility of a beautiful, bountiful and plastic-free 2022!

It's all thanks to the unwavering support of the ECOlunchbox community helping us in our mission of assisting people in saying goodbye to plastic that's allowed us to power through since Covid struck in early 2020.

Times have been tough, but ECOlunchbox has relentlessly persisted and overcome challenges throughout 2021.

How did we overcome so much with so little? Our work is fueled by our love for people and the planet! Since our founding in 2008, we've taken daily action to ensure we stay true to our slogan, "Health For People And The Planet."

It's the unwavering commitment and our passion for educating, inspiring and empowering others to reduce their dependence on plastic that has kept ECOlunchbox moving forward through choppy waters over the last 20 or so months.

Below, we discuss some of the highlights and challenges our ECOlunchbox team faced in 2021.



Relaunched our website

We revamped our website for a better user experience, making shopping for our plastic-free lunchboxes and containers smooth and easy, from browsing to checking out. Updates include easier navigation, more content, improved photos, faster speed and other behind-the-scenes upgrades to improve the visitor experience. We hope you love it and welcome comments and feedback. In addition to relaunching, we also updated our sister consulting website

ECOlunchbox has grappled with many challenges in 2021, but we faced them head-on. From skyrocketing freight costs and lengthy delays to labor shortages and cost increases at our manufacturing centers, we had to find creative solutions to overcome these challenges so that we could continue delivering the quality products our customers expect.


Introducing the Blue Water Bento Canister

We spent the last few years developing a new insulated food container, but the pandemic delayed its launch. In 2021, we finalized the design, offering improved thermal retention to keep foods hotter or colder for longer!

The Blue Water Bento Canister is a first-to-market container with a circular, plastic-free design. Packed with user-friendly features, its elegantly etched bamboo lid and exceptional thermal performance raise the standard of plastic-free storage. In addition, its collapsible carrying handle makes it easy to carry or clip on a backpack.

We sought to create an ECOlunchbox product that could be used for years but then mindfully recycled and biodegradable without discarding it in a landfill. We conceived the canister with a cradle-to-grave philosophy in mind. Learn more about the canister here.

Equitable and Eco-Friendly Donations

Despite the hardships in 2021, ECOlunchbox didn't stop giving. We're proud to look back at 2021 and take stock of the charitable organizations and projects we've supported (with the help of your purchases!) via financial contributions and plastic-free product donations.

We continued our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion in 2021 with ongoing financial support for the national ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), product donations to the Ny'Ehe Tribal Youth Camp in Oregon, and financial donations to nature access programs with YES Nature to Neighborhoods in California.

We also supported the Plastic Pollution Coalition with product donations for its Magnificent May Virtual Concert and at-home, zero-waste boxed dinner event in addition to other projects and organizations aligned with our health for people and the planet mission.

Referral program launched

When it comes to saying goodbye to plastic, change usually starts with word of mouth. That's why we created our referral program to make it easier for our fans to share their love for our brand with friends and family.

Refer a friend, and you both save $5 while shopping at!

2021 Year In Review

Offset carbon footprint

Did you know that ECOlunchbox measures its carbon footprint using greenhouse gas accounting? 

Again in 2021, we purchased Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) to match our electricity usage. We also purchased carbon offsets to neutralize our remaining carbon footprint generated through direct emissions of owned assets. This year, we offset an estimated metric tonne of CO2 from inbound shipping and company travel. Carbon is sequestered by the offset projects we support in purchasing these certificates and offsets.

Thank you for your continued support of our mission, and we look forward to a wonderful 2022!


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