100% Plastic free lunch boxes! For ocean lovers.

More Than a Lunchbox

Just lunch? No sirree, ECOlunchboxes can do much more!

Pack, stack, toss them in a lunch sack. That was our original intention when we set out to make lunchtime free from plastics that could harm our kids and Mother Nature. And we’ve achieved that goal and more!

Did you know that ECOlunchbox containers are also super useful for much more than just lunch? Our bento boxes are versatile power tools for plastic-free lifestyle enthusiasts. They’re the jacks of all #zerowaste trades. They’re multi-functional, uber-durable, unsquishable rockstars ready to rise to nearly any eco-friendly occasion.

From your kitchen pantry, your bathroom, sewing room or even the car, these handy ECOlunchbox tips will have you thinking outside the box!

ECOdipper Blue Water Bento Splash Pods & Seal Cups
Soap Box: Our ECOdipper, with its compact size, can easily store your shower soaps and small toiletries. Sewing Kit: Our Blue Water Bento Splash Pods & Seal Cups are nifty for needles, threads, sequins, or crafty supplies.
Seal Cup Mini ECOlunchpods
Supplements: Our Seal Cup Mini, which holds 3 ounces, may be small but it's a big help when it comes to packing vitamins and supplements for travel. Spices and Teas: Organize your loose tea and spices with our ECOlunchpods. These 100% steel snack containers nest inside our Three-in-One Classic for extra capacity.
Seal Cup XL ECOdipper tins
Travel Kit: Chapstick? Check! Zero-Waste to-go ware? Check! There’s a string of items we often throw in our suitcase. Toss them into a Seal Cup XL and create a mini travel kit Bath Salts: Time to grab our snazzy ECOdipper tins, the perfect refuge for storing bath salts. Pour them directly into the tub and melt your cares away.

So, no matter what you do or where you go, ECOlunchbox is here to help you stay organized and healthy. Whether you pack, stack, toss them in a sack, we’ve got you covered! Share how you use your ECOlunchbox on social media with the hashtag #MoreThanALunchBox

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