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Zero Waste Leftovers

Zero Waste Leftovers

There’s something about leftovers. They always taste better the next day. Whether it’s pizza for breakfast or a post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich, leftovers are delicious and cut down on food waste. Speaking of waste, there are many great plastic-free options for storing food. But with these helpful tips, a plastic-free lifestyle is within your reach.

Waste Not Want Not Thanksgiving Hacks

Waste Not, Want Not Thanksgiving Hacks

More isn’t always better, especially when it comes to hosting an eco-friendly Thanksgiving. No one wants Thanksgiving to be woeful, so to guide you in your preparations for a Thanksgiving that’s less cost, less food waste and less garbage, here are a few waste-not hacks to send you on your eco-friendly way.

Bite into Fall Flavors

Bite into Fall Flavors

We’ve put together a round-up of our favorite ECOlunchbox fall recipes to inspire you to plan some family time in the kitchen that will warm your hearts, fill your home with connection, and result in healthy, seasonal foods we think the whole family will enjoy.

EEK-O-Friendly Halloween

EEK-O-Friendly Halloween Tips

As you plan spooky antics for Halloween, don't scare our planet. Keep in mind you can be greener and cleaner! If you want to rock Halloween this year, turn your EEK! habits into eco-friendly ones with these handy tips to green your Halloween from ECOlunchbox! 

Clean Safe Lunches during Omicron

Clean, Healthy Lunch Tips

Back to school is the perfect season to refine routines and embrace an environmentally conscious way of life. Children learn best by doing, so incorporating eco-friendly habits into their lunchtime and other school routines is a great way to teach how individual action has a collective impact. In other words, let's help our youngsters walk the talk!

Back To School with Zero Waste

Back To School with Zero Waste

When my kids started elementary school, I was astounded by the number of school supplies needed for each kid. Students were asked to buy kits of brand-new supplies instead of using their leftover supplies from the previous year. I was also shocked to learn how many toxins were in traditional school supplies. 

Save Money on Back to School Shopping

Back To School Shopping Tips To Shop Green & Save Green ($$)

The old adage “out with the old, in with the new” carries a hefty price when it comes to back to school shopping. As summer winds down, it's time for parents and kids to start thinking about heading back to school. Here are some tips and tricks to get ready for school in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way.

Plastic Purging & Upcycling

Plastic Purging & Upcycling

From backpacks to binders, parents are on the hunt for healthy and eco-friendly products. Now’s the perfect time to give your child’s lunch an ECOlunchbox update! We recommend ditching leachy plastic food containers and have your kids splash into the new school year with a zero-waste, non-toxic lunch box made from stainless steel that’s healthy for people & our planet!
eco lunchbox splash box

It’s Time for a Lunch Reboot!

As schools gear up for reopening, the familiar morning ritual of packing lunches is upon us once again. It's the perfect opportunity for a lunch reboot and a chance to put an end to the tidal wave of lunchtime plastic waste. Let's bid adieu to single-use plastic and embrace eco-friendly habits instead.

From EEK! To ECO

Let's talk about how to REALLY take your child's lunchbox from EEK! to ECO. Sometimes despite best intentions we can fall into making mistakes. A bit of learning will cure that!
Summer Fun With A Small Carbon Footprint

Summer Fun With A Small Carbon Footprint

The summer is upon us! It's a time for warm weather, relaxation, and outdoor fun. But as the temperatures rise, our energy bills climb and our negative impacts on global warming soar. Energy demand peaks during the summer hours of 4 to 9 p.m. when people are back home and cranking the air conditioning to combat that heat. 
Say Goodbye To Plastic: A Survival Guide For Plastic Free Living by Sandra Ann Harris Launch Blog

Say Goodbye to Plastic Book Giveaway!

Say Goodbye To Plastic Book "Pin It to Win It" Giveaway! Here's how to enter to win:
1. Pin your favorite blog picture
2. Message pin URL to @ecolunchbox
ECOlunchbox will select top 3 participants to win free on 8/2/2023. Book is about plastic-free living tips.

Best Tips For Green Boating

Best Tips For Green Boating

We all know the feeling of being out on the water, the wind in our hair and the sun on our face. It's a feeling of freedom and adventure that can't be beat. But as we enjoy our time on the water, it's important to remember that our actions can have a big impact on the ocean and marine life.
Spring Cleaning Tips for Zero-Wasters

Spring Cleaning Tips for Zero-Wasters

Springtime is the right time to slip a few more no-plastic tricks up your eco-sleeve, especially when it comes to spring cleaning in your eco kitchen. Let’s tune up your zero-waste toolkit!

Customers Love ECOlunchbox

Customers Love ECOlunchbox

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who took the time to fill out our customer satisfaction survey. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, and it helps us to understand how we can improve our products and services to better meet your needs.
Why ECOlunchbox?

Why ECOlunchbox?

Sometimes we get questions from consumers who are curious about the benefits of using ECOlunchboxes. We’ve written this blog to dive into all the great benefits of ECOlunchbox - for both people and the planet!

Salad To-Go Containers

Salad To-Go Containers

Check out our ECOlunchbox Salad Kit in plastic-free and zero-waste style! This set of three stainless steel containers come with non-toxic silicone lids that are leak-proof.

ECOlunchbox - The Plastic Recycling Myth

The Plastic Recycling Myth

For generations, we've heard that recycling plastic is the answer to the growing plastic pollution problem. We’ve been led to believe that if we simply put our plastic bottles and containers into the designated bin, they'll be transformed into new products and reused over and over again.
Reusable stainless steel food containers in front of chalkboard reading Ultimate ECOlunchbox Guide

The Ultimate ECOlunchbox Quiz

Ready to choose your perfect reusable lunchbox and say goodbye to plastic? Take our online quiz to Pick Your Ultimate ECOlunchbox. Let's get started!

Snacking With Love - ECOlunchbox

Snacking With Love

So what does it mean to snack with love? This Valentine’s Day consider the possibility of choosing your snacks mindfully as an act of love for both people and planet.

To inspire you to think outside the box, we’ve put together a line-up of snacks that we think epitomize this concept. 

You Asked, We Answered!

You Asked, We Answered!

You asked and we answered! Here are some of our top ECOlunchbox customer service queries and questions! Check out this blog for more information and to see if your questions have been answered.
ECOlunchbox 2022 Plastic Policy Progress

2022 Plastic Policy Progress

Over the past year, public policy development relating to plastic pollution has made significant strides at the global level.

Overall in 2022 the progress made in public policy development related to plastic pollution in recent years is cause for celebration.

ECOluncbhox Year In Review 2022

Year in Review 2022

While the continuing pandemic, recession woes, critical supply chain dysfunctions, surging inflation and the war in Ukraine grabbed headlines in 2022, the plight of plastic pollution has insidiously continued to threaten our planet.

Eco Beautiful Girls Gift Guide

Eco Beautiful Girls Gift Guide

Get into the holiday spirit with these natural ideas for gifts and holiday/pajama party fun!
Celebrating Holidays in Green Eco Style

Holiday Gifting Greenly, Cheaply

Spending time, not money, on your loved one's holiday gifts is a great way to avoid the consumer mindset this season. Check out our mindful living blog explaining why a "waste not, want not" philosophy is great for people and our planet.
ECOlunchbox Corporate Gift Guide

ECOlunchbox Corporate Gift Guide

Do you and your company believe in social and environmental responsibility? Is plastic pollution reduction something you're interested in activating your team around? If you're looking for employee gifts aligned with your corporate values, ECOlunchbox can partner with you to drop ship gift kits or etch lunchboxes with logos.
Zero Waste Shopping With Reusable Steel Containers Tips by ECOlunchbox

Zero Waste Shopping "Prep-Overs"

Make your next shopping trip relatively painless and waste free with some careful planning ahead. Stainless steel food containers with tare weights etched on the bottom, like Blue Water Bentos by ECOlunchbox, are a great way to skip plastic tubs and bags. This is one our zero waste shopping tips.
Are BPA Alternatives Really Safe

Are BPA Alternatives Really Safe?

With more consumers becoming aware of the potential health consequences of BPA, companies have voluntarily removed the chemical from consumer goods like water bottles and canned goods. But are these “BPA-Free” replacements truly non-toxic?
Tips For A Greener Halloween

Tips For A Greener Halloween

Getting spooky is all fun and games when it comes to Halloween although the waste and toxins that come with conventional celebrations can be downright terrifying for our planet. Say yes to Halloween celebrations that are healthy for people and the planet!
Green Fundraising Programs

Eco-friendly Fundraising List

Looking for a green fundraiser for your school or organization? ECOlunchbox can work with you on a zero waste lunch fundraiser to green your school and earn some greenbacks. Plus, we’ve compiled a list of incredible ways to fundraise sustainably and we invite you to share these ideas with your community.

Find It, Fix It ECOlunchbox Tips

Find It, Fix It ECOlunchbox Tips

We've put together a few tips to make sure your lunchbox makes its way back to you should it ever get lost. And read on to learn more about how to keep it tuned up by following a few simple fix-it and care suggestions!
One and Done. How Reusables Save

One and Done. How Reusables Save $$$

Eco super heroes know how to pick products like ECOlunchbox that save them money - plus take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’! With food and gas prices on the rise many of us are seeking ways to save our pocketbooks from the sticker shock of inflation.
How To Throw A Zero Waste BBQ Tips

How To Throw A Zero Waste BBQ

Let’s be real. It’s almost impossible to throw a totally zero waste BBQ or party. But hosting one that’s (nearly) zero waste is actually pretty easy. I attempted my first zero waste BBQ five years ago. Since then, all my parties and hosted gatherings have followed suit.
Loving Our Ocean Through Art

Loving Our Ocean Through Art

ECOlunchbox sat down with California artist Julie Cohn to learn more about her artistic and personal relationship with our oceans. Cohn is the founder and CEO of Sustaining Arts, an online gallery and group of artists who care about social justice and the environment. 
Odes to Our Oceans

Odes To Our Oceans

Several inspirational books have been published recently by ocean-loving activists seeking to educate, inspire and empower people to join in combating plastic pollution. Join us in celebrating these books that are an invitation to all of us to continue to rally against plastic pollution.

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