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Trashy Takeout Eco Challenge

Trashy Takeout Eco Challenge

ECOlunchbox Launches Earth Day Activism Challenge

Restaurant dining has become a super trashy endeavor during the pandemic. They serve everything in throw-away containers. Ugh! And sadly, BYO reusable containers are generally refused due to sanitation concerns, so that that easy zero-waste tactic won't work anymore.

Thankfully, there are other steps we can take as plastic-free lifestyle aficionados to make a positive impact as plastic-free consumers. So, we decided that educating, inspiring, and activating our community around trashy takeout would be an engaging way to celebrate Earth Day 2021!

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, please join our activist fun!

  1. I’m interested in reducing my plastic footprint and building community with other like-minded citizens.
  2. I’d love to motivate my favorite restaurants to make eco-friendly choices in their takeout service.
  3. I used to have my to-go orders packed in my own reusable containers so I didn’t create waste, but now I’m bummed out I can’t do that anymore.

    3 Easy ECOlunchbox Tips to Say Goodbye to Trashy Takeout

    #1 Join Our Eco Activism Team

    In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, ECOlunchbox has set up a trashy takeout team on an app that crowdsources zero waste ratings for restaurants nationwide. 

    To get started:

    1. Download the citizen activist app at PlasticScore and use the code "ECOLUNCHBOX" to recover an extra 6 plastic bottles worth of waste for your first review!

    2. Create an account.

    3. Use the code "ECOLUNCHBOX" when you sign up so you can be entered to win prizes.

    3. On the "Me" tab, scroll down and select the "Join Group" option.

    4. Enter the code "ECOLUNCHBOX" when you sign up.

    #2 Be Grateful (Not Hateful) & Spread Eco Love!

    Is there a restaurant you love that’s doing an exceptionally eco-friendly takeout service? Times are tough, so take a moment to be grateful. Spread the love and the good news with friends and family. Let your near and dear know where you recommend they have the best eco-friendly takeout experience so they can support these restaurants.

    Additionally, you can provide positive feedback to these businesses via phone, email, neighborhood social channels like Next Door, and the PlasticScore rating app. Or you can suggest they look into getting some help transitioning to reusables by contacting CircularWare, our sister company that does consulting and custom product development.

    #3 Tune Up Your Eco Act

    To reduce the amount of trash you’re creating while dining, it’s important to let restaurants know when you place your order that you don’t want single-use utensils, napkins, straws, bags, etc., included in your order. Speak up while placing your order by phone or write it in the notes section of your online ordering app to specifically refuse these items.

    Sometimes diners at eat-in restaurants are also given single-use items. Try to speak up before they hit the table. Otherwise, management will sometimes just throw unused items directly into the trash due to contamination concerns.

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