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Bloggers & Brands

Focus on girl's legs sitting on small pier at a lake with a stack of Blue Water Bento snack containers on hand.

ECOlunchbox loves to collaborate!

No, really. We love holding hands with like-minded businesses and media partners. Let us know how we can partner up.

Who is ECOlunchbox seeking to work with?

We want to work with bloggers and brands who are geared towards parenting, healthy lifestyles, outdoor sports or travel, environmentalism and generally interested in educating their community about eco-friendly strategies and tools.

We love fresh and interesting content, including photos of our lunch boxes with delicious foods inside, that we can share with our audience. Let's collaborate on a recipe, article, travel-log, DIY and beyond. For background info, check out our People & Planet resources and our Press Kit.

Please email with your collaboration interest.