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Focus on girl's legs sitting on small pier at a lake with a stack of Blue Water Bento snack containers on hand.

ECOlunchbox loves to partner with influencers!

We love building community like-minded businesses, eco-friendly influencers and media partners. Let's collaborate on a lifestyle photos showing our products in the wild, a recipe, article, travel-log, zero waste DIY tips or something else that educates, inspires and activates people to live a plastic-free lifestyle.

Collaborations work best for us when there's mission-based alignment. ECOlunchbox is particularly interested in partnering with bloggers and brands who are geared towards zero waste, plastic pollution aversion, parenting, healthy and eco-friendly lifestyles, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Sounds like a good fit? Please fill out this form to share your interest in working with us.

Influencer Collaboration Request Form
Profile and Metrics

Please list any/all handles you would be willing to share or post content for ECOlunchbox

Our products are great for outdoor adventuring. Which sports/activities do you enjoy outside?
Guidelines and Requirements

While we are not able at this time to pay for collaboration, we can compensate influencers in a variety of ways. For example, ECOlunchbox can provide free product. Influencers may also earn commissions through our Amazon and Share-A-Sale affiliate programs. We love getting uncropped, full res art from our influencers to use in blogs and other marketing. If you have something in mind, please share your ideas with us!

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