Custom Corporate Gifts with ECOlunchbox

Looking for an eco-friendly and beautifully co-branded item that loudly expresses your organization's green values? We can elegantly etch our products with logos and other designs for sale by your group, for use in fund raisers or for gifting to supporters and donors.

Make It Yours

custom promotional products

If this interests you, please contact us so we can tell you more about bulk sales of our stainless bentos and project management of your custom etching project (to view examples of how amazing logos look on our bentos, see below or contact us via email to request additional photographs).

If you prefer to handle the etching yourself, that's fine, too. We can sell the boxes in bulk and the buyer can arrange for customization and/or packing of the boxes with food or additional gift items.

Past green corporate gift projects have included a university with co-branded lunchboxes, a national energy bar company with an etched logo on our lunchbox plus bars packed inside, as well as personal trainers who give our healthy boxes to their clients as an eco loyalty gift and to remind them of appropriate portion size for meals. 

Please email info (at) ecolunchboxes (dot) com so we can provide you with more information.


custom promotional products by ECOlunchbox

custom promo items and corporate gifts 

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Custom Eco Take-Out Containers

ECOlunchbox is often contacted by foodservice professionals who are seeking to transition to reusable, plastic-free take-out containers.

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to a stainless steel take-out container, so ECOlunchbox can help you identify and develop a branded food container for your corporate needs.

Whether you are serving food at a corporate campus, university dining hall, environmental education program, green school, aquarium, natural history museum, organic café… we have extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of stainless steel take-out containers to assist you.

Food service managers know that the financial and environmental costs of using throw-away plastic and paper containers is expensive. Many of these professionals are seeking to move over to a non-toxic and highly durable stainless steel lunchbox or tray.

Stainless steel is commercially dishwasher safe, non-leaching and very durable. It’s an environmentally friend and healthy choice.

Quality disposable take-out containers can be expense to purchase and the costs of disposal as well as to the environmental are also considerable. Unfortunately, even containers that are "eco-friendly" and potentially recyclable or compostable, often end up in the landfill.

Bioplastics are often not recyclable, and even though they may be compostable, most cities don't yet have the capacity to collect and biodegrade the bioplastic material in commercial composting facilities. The other common take-out container option is paper- or fiber-based take-out containers. These containers made from natural materials are less harmful environmentally than regular plastic or bioplastic, but for various reasons paper or fiber containers are also usually disposed of as trash rather than recycled or composted.

We have found that the type of container that cafeteria, catering and school chefs are seeking varies widely. Some of the factors our clients typically consider are:

  • What kind of food need to pack in the container? Does the container need to be leak-proof?
  • Is the prepared food is eaten on-site within the cafeteria or restaurant or taken off premises on foot or by car to the customer’s office or home?
  • Does your business sell prepared foods from a food truck or a food bar? If so, does your take-out container require an etched tare weight so the cashier can accurately charge for the weight of the food purchased?
  • Will you need to pack multiple meals for transport (in crates?) to a catered event, such as boxed meals served for a corporate meeting, a picnic, a celebration or retreat?

Leveraging our extensive experience and contacts internationally, ECOlunchbox can partner with you to design and manufacture a custom take-out container to suit your needs.

We can initially work with you on a consulting basis to study your needs and come up with conceptual designs. Once your needs and budget are determined, ECOlunchbox can take your conceptual design through the CAD (computer aided drafting), molding and production processes. You will rest easy knowing that ECOlunchbox can handle the importation and all details related to delivery of this custom take-out solution to your business.

Reusable take-out containers are a great way to drive the triple bottom lines: people, planet and PROFIT!

Have you considered setting up a program to allow take-out of food in reusable containers that are returned to your cafeteria or restaurant and reused? If the answer is yes, please email info (at) ecolunchboxes (dot) com so we can provide you with more information.