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Road Trip! Tips for Snack Attacks

Greasy, lukewarm gas station food. Chips. Soda (or pop, depending on where you’re from). Yuck! It can be nearly impossible to find a healthy snack when you’re on a road trip.

But tossing some healthy snacks in an ECOlunchbox is quick and easy, and will make that trip so much more fun!  So before you slam the trunk, crank up the tunes, and speed off for an adventure, take stock of your snacks. Here are our tips for energy-packed goodies to keep you fueled up for the ride!

#1 Let the Kids Choose Their Own

If you’re traveling with kids, invite them to pick out and pack snacks they love. Help them stock up with a variety of healthy snack options. When kids pack their own, they’re more likely to eat it. This makes zipping past the fast food stops a breeze! Pick shelf-stable snacks don’t need refrigeration.

# 2 Stock up on Fruit and Veggies

Skip fruits that easily bruise or stain, such as strawberries, peaches, pomegranates, etc… Stick with fruits and veggies that can survive the miles, like apples, carrots, cauliflower, grapes and clementines. Frozen, dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables are fun for snacking, too.

Stainless steel ECOlunchpod non-toxic, BPA-free snack container by ECOlunchbox for road trips

#3 Pack Protein!

Keep your engines humming with a protein to help you feel full and alert. Pack ahead peanut butter and jam sandwiches, pita pockets stuffed with lunch meats, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce; or whole-grain crackers with cheddar, or toasted almonds or gorp mixes.

# 4 Keep it non-toxic, clean and litter-less

Say goodbye to pre-packaged foods and plastics that contain BPA and other chemicals with our safe, nontoxic stainless steel containers. We consider our Seal Cup Trio and Splash Pod a road trip essential. They’re made from totally toxin free stainless steel with silicone, leak-proof lids. They’re also easy to clean on the road – just give them a quick rinse with water and throw them in the dishwasher when you get home. 

And once you’ve eaten the contents, you can reuse them for souvenirs like cool rocks or sea glass. 

Plastic-free Seal Cup Trio lunchbox set by Blue Water Bento is waste-free road-trip essential

Get the Gear!

Check out the tools that make packing snacks for the road, picnics and hikes that much easier.

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