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Say Ahoy to the Splash Box Quad Set

Blue Water Bento Splash Box Extra Large Makes Set of 4 Quad

Please join us in welcoming our brand new Splash Box Quad Set! We're super proud to add this plastic-free modular set to our Blue Water Bento collection. The containers, which are designed to stack and nest, are perfect for wet foods, reheating meal-prepped meals, picnicking, road trips, food storage and camping.

We're sure the Splash Box Quad Set is going to make a - ahem - SPLASH with you and your family! This set includes 1 Splash box XL, 1 Splash Box, and 2 Splash Pods, which are all together to hold a total capacity of 10 cups of food. Unlike glass, these containers are light-weight and unbreakable. It's the perfect meeting of form and function!

The stainless steel 304 containers are topped with colorful non-toxic silicone lids embossed with ocean motifs, including coral, seaweed and wave patterns. The non-slip lid tabs make opening and closing a breeze for all ages. Lift the corner lid tabs to open and press closed to create a water-tight seal.

The Splash Box XL, which holds 5 cups, is ideal for an entrée, leftovers, grain bowl, large salad, or potluck dish to share. Its nesting sidekick, the Splash Box, holds 3 cups and is great for a side dish. And the two Splash Pods, which each hold 1 cup, are great for dressing, hummus, dips, toppings, and other yummy extras. That’s a total of 10 cups capacity!

Our Blue Water Bento Splash Box Quad Set is healthy for people and the planet, especially our oceans! Join us in saying goodbye to needless plastic. Together we'll keep our lunches green and our oceans blue.

A reminder again of all that's included in our fantastic set: 

  • 1 Splash Box XL (green lid with embossed coral motif)
  • 1 Splash Box (blue lid with embossed wave design)
  • 2 nesting Splash Pods (blue lids with embossed seaweed and bubbles motif)

We’re thrilled with the addition of this new Blue Water Bento rockstar. It’s a must-have for families who want to join us in going plastic-free. Let’s ride together a plastic-free wave to a brighter future.

For detailed specifications, head over to the Splash Box Quad Set  product page and scroll down to the bullet points where we detail the capacities, dimensions and tare weights of each container.

Get your Splash Box Quad Set right here!

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