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One and Done. How Reusables Save $$$

One and Done. How Reusables Save

Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus, and ECOlunchboxes can save people, the planet, and your pocketbook!

Eco superheroes know how to pick products like ECOlunchbox that save them money - plus take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’! With food and gas prices on the rise, many of us are seeking ways to save our pocketbooks from the sticker shock of inflation.

There’s no trade-off when it comes to our eco-friendly and reusable ECOlunchboxes. They are healthy for people, the planet, and our pocketbooks since they’re reusable! Plus, we have completed a litterless lunch study that shows how by choosing to reuse at lunchtime, families can save hundreds of dollars a year! When you add up the upsides of reusables, the savings are undeniable!

Upsides of Reusables:

Long-lasting & Non-Breakable Circular Designs
Love It, Don’t Lose It and Other Tips
So How Much Money Can I Save?
Save Money With Right-Sizing Portions

Plastic-Free Blue Water Bento Insulated Canister

Plastic-Free Blue Water Bento Insulated Canister

Long-lasting & Non-Breakable Circular Designs

The old phrase “one and done” is absolutely relevant when it comes to our non-breakable, uber-long-lasting food containers and lunch ware accessories. Most consumer product companies design for obsolescence so they can sell and resell their products as they break down and need to be replaced. 

While it’s not the most profitable business model to design our ECOlunchbox products for longevity, it’s a cost-saving boon for our buyers and the right thing to do when it comes to saving our planet from overflowing landfill pollution.

Instead of designing for profitable "planned obsolescence," ECOlunchboxes follows ethical circular design principles, which incorporate long-lasting plastic-free materials that can be recycled or biodegraded at the end of life. Planned obsolescence means a product has been deliberately designed to wear out or break and requires replacing. Our ECOlunchboxes are made with high-quality, sturdy stainless steel and durable silicone lids and are designed for the long haul, complete with a manufacturer’s warranty

Love It, Don’t Lose It, and Other Tips

No one plans to lose their lids, but we know life happens, so we plan for it. To help our user community get the most out of their purchases as well as save our planet from needless pollution, we offer replacement lids for our lunch boxes. If you have an ECOlunchbox without a lid, be sure to check our Lids & Parts to find a reasonably priced replacement with $3 flat rate shipping.

Plus, we've put together a few tips on our blog to make sure your ECOlunchbox makes its way back to you should it ever get lost. Read up on techniques to label your lunchbox as well as wash and care for its stainless steel, so it maintains its longevity and corrosion resistance.

So How Much Money Can I Save?

ECOlunchbox calculated the cost of purchasing single-use throw-aways and pre-packaged foods and compared those costs to buying food in bulk and using reusable stainless steel containers. The numbers show that a family using conventional throw-aways like brown paper bags, plastic baggies, and pre-packaged drinks waste about $450 a year in disposable containers.

First, our team determined the cost of each of the food items when purchased with individual-portion, pre-packaging, and without. For example, if a family buys juice boxes, the cost per serving is 44 cents compared to 27 cents per serving for juice purchased in a larger bottle and packed for lunch in a reusable drink container.

In another example, plastic baggies for sandwiches cost approximately 6 cents each. That's 6 cents that goes straight into the trash! Alternatively, packing a sandwich in a reusable food container generates no waste and no daily money thrown away into the garbage.

A lot of people unfairly stereotype eco-friendly products as being more expensive than conventional options. We hope our litterless lunch study clears up how over time, ECOlunchboxes actually SAVE your family money every month compared to disposable lunch ware! 

Save Money With Right-Sizing Portions

When it comes to rising food prices, there’s never been a better time to remember that food deserves to be eaten - not thrown away. Think about right-sizing your portions when it comes to packing lunch. Makes no sense in packing too much food for yourself or your child and throwing it out at the end of the day.

Pack what you can eat - not more. If you need help picking a container that’s the right size, check out our Perfect Portions graphic guide.

If you can shop in bulk and purchase using a tare weighted container, like our Blue Water Bento collection that has the weights etched on the bottom, you can avoid excess food waste. If you’re new to bulk shopping, school up by checking out our blog teaching how to use tare weight containers.

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