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Hit The Trail Not Trash Can

Hit The Trail Not Trash Can

A Socially Distanced Lifestyle Doesn’t Have To Be Trashy

As we all trudge through the new normal of a socially distanced lifestyle, many of us are resorting to spending time outdoors with our families. Whether it’s a hiking trip on the coast, or a family picnic at the park, enjoying the sunshine and nature is a great way to reboot.

Nevertheless, our love for nature can have terrible repercussions on our parks and wilderness areas. Higher visitation coupled with less park staffing has created a big mess. Fortunately, with some pre-planning, you’ll hit the trail, not the trash can, the next time you head out for some safe outdoor R&R during the pandemic. Here are some zero-waste hiking tips and we also have a downloadable poster with COVID hiking tips here.

Leak-proof silicone lids

Half the fun of being in the great outdoors is stopping for a snack and soaking up the view. When you head out on the trail, be sure you have our leakproof containers stashed in your gear. These hard-working containers are designed for use trailside with dry and damp snacks as well as good to go directly over your propane camp stove for a hot evening meal.

100% Steel Options

For car campers or glampers, we even offer an ECO Adventure Kit that includes a three-tier 100% stainless steel container with clips plus a pot gripper and steel spork.

At the end of a long day exploring nature or while you’re chilling in your backyard, why not kick back with our nonbreakable Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers. Ever come across broken glass in the wilderness, it’s a real bummer. With these generously sized 18-oz wine tumblers, you’ll rest easy knowing they’re shatterproof and non-toxic for both you and the planet.

Totes To Stay Organized

When you’re out on the trail it’s critical that if you pack it in you pack it out. Get organized with our ocean-themed cotton organic lunch bags. These bags are perfect for lunch on the go, whether to the park, office, or school.

Backyard Picnics

Not ready for the backwoods trail? Is a picnic in the park more your style? We’ve got you covered! Traditionally, picnics are packed full of soggy paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils. That’s why we came up with the perfect solution for dining al fresco! ECOlunchbox’s Plastic-Free Picnic Set for two people is designed to help you elevate your picnicking that includes storage containers for your lunch, divided stainless steel camping trays, utensils… plus we even have stainless steel wine tumblers!

Why ECOlunchbox?

At ECOlunchbox, we believe that reducing dependence on plastics is a good way to safeguard our health – and the planet. While very few of us will ever entirely eliminate this omnipresent petrochemical material from our lives, by saying goodbye to single-use plastics we will eat cleaner and protect our environment from non-biodegradable waste.

We are an eco mom social venture working to make positive health and an environmental difference in our world - starting at lunchtime!

ECOlunchbox was founded by Sandra Ann Harris who discovered it was impossible for the layperson to discern good plastics from bad ones. A confusing array of chemicals are used in plastic petrochemical products. Plus there’s an utter lack of consistent labeling or testing to determine whether the plastics sold are non-toxic or leaching BPA and other estrogen-mimicking chemicals.

Harris developed our line of stainless steel bentos and cotton lunchbags for families seeking non-breakable, to-go lunchware that’s plastic-free. For more about our founding story, please read our story or pick up a copy of Harris’ new book Goodbye Plastic: A Survival Guide for Plastic-Free Living that tells the story of ECOlunchbox’s founding as well as educates about plastic pollution and inspires readers with room-by-room tips for eliminating plastic from their daily lives.

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