Lights, Fire, Action! Our Favorite Backyard Campouts Tips

Forget about packing and driving and all the stuff that makes camping work. Adios stress! Skip straight to the fun and create a camping adventure right in your backyard.

Don’t have a backyard? No sweat! Find a local park in your community and set up camp there for a few hours (just remember, most public parks don’t allow real camping and often close at nightfall).

Onsite Campsite

Tents are great, but you don’t really even need one! Go retro with a rope between two trees and a sheet draped over! Pile on the pillows and a few blankets and you’re good to go! Day or night - hanging out in a tent is fun for little campers. Roll out a sleeping bag. Grab a book or two for outdoor reading.

Extra credit: Remember, it’s not places or how good your games are that will make your backyard camping a big success - it’s the feelings of joy and togetherness that build the best memories.

ECOlunchbox tips for eco-friendly waste free campout

Bug Out Action!

Get up and personal with your ultra local landscape. Take a look at the wildlife right in your backyard. This cool bug catcher lid from reCAP Mason Jars has breathing holes and a magnifying glass right in the lid. Watch and learn from the six-legged friends that live in your garden, then let them go. 

Extra credit: Plan bug hunting for after dark. The handle of the bug catcher glows. Equip your campers with solar flashlights or lanterns and your backyard will become transformed into a wilderness!

Backyard Snack Bar

ECOlunchbox reusable stainless steel snack containers for outdoor entertainingFueling fun is important work. Keep in mind for your picky eaters that food is definitely more fun when eaten outside. Try making the feeding frenzy an activity all your campers will love.

Select a fun assortment of dry snacks, dry fruits, pretzels, M&M chocolates, Cherrios, coconut flakes, nuts and other finger foods in containers and create your own gorp bar. Put each item in its own reusable container. 

Invite your campers to scoop the ingredients they love best into a reusable snack container. Then, have your campers make up a silly name for the snack mix they've invented and write it on the outside of the container with a wax marker so they don't get mixed up. 

Extra credit: Try to add to the culinary adventure by adding a few ingredients that are really weird or unusual, like cookies made out of cricket flour or strange gummy worms! Our Blue Water Bento Splash Pod and various other snack containers are ideal for packing and snacking.


Lights & Fire

If you're camping at night, adding a fire or some twinkling lights will add a special ambiance to your backyard campsite. Try stringing lights or starting a small campfire to roast marshmellows or pineapple. Or equip your campers with solar flashlights to explore the darkness of the big outdoors in the safety of your own backyard! 

Roasted pineapple on fire for eco-friendly camping

Photo by David Allen Studio


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