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Learn More About Our Positive Planet Impact

Plastic-free lunch boxes for people, planet, and pocketbook

ECOlunchbox is a mission-based company working on educating, inspiring and empowering people to say goodbye to plastic for both health and environmental reasons since 2009. Our responsibly made bentos, tiffins and lunchbox sets are plastic-free and non-toxic.

ECOlunchboxes are Responsibly Made

The people, materials and processes behind our lunchboxes and bags. Read more...


ECOlunchbox's Planet Impact

We calculated the impact ECOlunchbox has made on the Earth. Learn more...


Why Go Plastic Free

Not only is plastic bad for the environment, it's bad for people too. Learn more...


Ocean-Friendly Blue Water Bento Collection

The Blue Water Collection was made to keep plastics out of our oceans. Check it out...


Why we chose Silicone

We chose silicone as a safe option for our bodies and the environment. Find out why...

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