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The Six ‘R’s of Spring Cleaning

The Six ‘R’s of Spring Cleaning

Reusables require care. Here are some tips on keeping them ticking.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. The 3 Rs are old news when it comes to eco living. What about adding a few more Rs to your lexicon this spring when it comes to keeping your eco kitchen tuned up?

So roll up your eco-sleeves and let’s explore some non-toxic tips and tricks to keep your kitchen tools in tip top condition. Reusable, eco-friendly kitchen tools need some love and care to keep on ticking year after year, doing the important work of keeping your kitchen as zero waste and non-toxic as possible.

Reorganize: Reusable Containers

Roll up your sleeves, find your lids and start nesting! It's time to get your so-called “Tupperware” drawer in order. Skip the old-school plastic containers and opt for non-toxic stainless steel or glass instead.

Missing lids? Lost gaskets? Order any replacement parts you need from the manufacturer. ECOlunchbox offers replacement lids as do others like Pyrex (by the way, theirs crack - ours don’t!). Losing a piece doesn’t mean losing the whole shebang.

Renew: What Lies Underneath

Mason jars are great. It’s the lids that are the problem. Discard rusty lids, and replace the metal lids with silicone ones from Mason Tops. Check Food Huggers for unusual adjustable sizes designed to store fruits and vegetables but also ideal for odd-ball containers, such as pet food, random leftovers, etc... Metal lids develop rust and some even contain BPA. Yuck.

Revive: Cut the Beeswax

Wax covered muslin cloth wraps, such as bowl covers and cheese wraps sold by our friends at Beeswrap, become cracked and tired. Warm the cloth in an oven on low heat for about 3 to 5 minutes and then carefully take the wrap out by its corners and hang it up to dry. This will quickly revive them to a good and shiny new state!

Recycle: Inevitable Plastic Bags

Try as we might, we all end up with plastic waste now and then. Check in with your local recycling company or get curious at your local grocery store to see if they accept plastic bags. Loose ones get stuck in conveyor belts, but often curbside companies will take them if bagged together. Clean 'em out now and guilt-free - after all it’s spring!

In the meantime, stock up on reusable grocery and produce bags sold by our friends, ECOBags

Refresh: Sponge Bath

Just because sponges clean your dishes doesn’t make them clean. Sponges, dish brushes, scrub pads and reusable counter wipes can easily be cleaned in a steamy, hot dishwasher.

Without a dishwasher? Soak them in white vinegar overnight and wring them out in the morning. Replace them when they wear out or develop black mildew.

Review: Cleaning Supplies

Take a peek under the sink or in the closet. See which cleaning liquids and powders you use and make some lists. See which ones you can replace with non-toxic products. See what you need more of. Adios toxins! And finally, see if you have any old cleaning supplies you can give away instead of chucking.

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