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Bite into Fall Flavors

Bite into Fall Flavors

Get inspired with recipes from ECOlunchbox celebrating autumn

We’ve put together a round-up of our favorite ECOlunchbox fall recipes to inspire you to plan some family time in the kitchen that will warm your hearts, fill your home with connection, and result in healthy, seasonal foods we think the whole family will enjoy.

Sure, candy is the quintessential treat when it comes to Halloween, but let’s take a moment to think outside the box and tune our menu to the bounty of seasonal fall ingredients, like pumpkins, butternut squash, apples and more.

Pumpkin Pie Trail Mix

This cozy trail mix makes the perfect on the go snack or breakfast topping… (click to read more)

Butternut Squash Faux Mac and Cheese

This delicious pasta dish may looks like the traditional macaroni and cheese, but the golden color actually comes from squash… (click to read more)

Autumn Almond Butter Apple Bites

Ok kids, time to roll up your sleeves. Let’s ditch sugary, processed snacks in favor of this quick-and-easy seasonal recipe… (click to read more)


Jennie’s Halloween Lunch

While my son was growing up, I made this, or some version of it, every year. He still mentions it around this time of year, even as a young adult… (click to read more)

Roasted Butternut Squash & Quinoa Salad

This roasted butternut squash and quinoa salad recipe combines the savory tastes of butternut squash with the comfort of a quinoa salad… (click to read more)

Organic Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds are delicious, nutritious, and the perfect replacement for popcorn or chips on family movie nights… (click to read more)

So as the weather cools and pushes us indoors, take a moment to plan ahead for those cozy meals with your family. Stock up on a few staples for these autumn recipes so you can head to the kitchen with your family to whip up some yum together. Now is the ideal time to build new holiday traditions!

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