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Plastic Purging & Upcycling

Plastic Purging & Upcycling

Read on for tips on how to upcycle old plastic lunch boxes and food containers you don't need for lunchtime anymore!

Summer flew by just. like. that ! It’s time for your little ones to go back to school, but before they do, they need all the essentials for a year of success! From backpacks to binders, parents are on the hunt for healthy and eco-friendly products.

Now’s the perfect time to give your child’s lunch an ECOlunchbox update! We recommend ditching leachy plastic food containers and have your kids splash into the new school year with a zero-waste, non-toxic lunch box made from stainless steel that’s healthy for people & our planet!

So, what will you do with all those old plastic containers and lunch boxes you’re purging? No need to toss them in the recycling bin. Incorporate some of these plastic upcycling tips instead! Oh, just one more thing, get creative with reusing these plastics in your home, just make sure to keep them far away from your family’s food!

Read on to get some nifty ideas for what to do with the old plastic lunch boxes you're swapping out for non-toxic steel and silicone containers by ECOlunchbox!

Supplies. Supplies. Supplies. Use plastic containers to create organizational tools for supplies such as school supplies in your child’s desk, art supplies and toiletries in the bathroom. You can paint the outside or use washi tape to decorate them to blend in with your décor.

Keep kids busy on the way to school. Fill the plastic container with crayons, stickers, mini puzzles, toys, and other small items to keep kids busy on car rides. When not in use snap the lid back on and keep it under the seat for when you need it again.

Plant a flower garden to brighten the day. Fill the containers with soil and drop in a few seeds to grow your windowsill garden! Make sure to poke a few holes on the bottom for drainage and set the container on top of its matching lid to catch access water. It will brighten up their room right in time for homework!

Paint away the day. Does your child have a school project they need to paint? Instead of purchasing a paint tray at a hardware store use the old plastic containers in your cupboards. This ideal also works for setting up a paint station for kids. The plastic containers will help prevent spillage, unlike cups that can easily be knocked down.

Mini compost. Most people keep their compost bins outdoors but utilize the plastic containers as a holder for coffee grounds, tea bags, vegetable trimmings, and other compostable items until you can empty them into the larger bin. Your kids will have a blast mini composting their after school treats!

Travel with no mess. If you are checking your bag on a flight or heading out on one last road trip before school starts, fill up plastic containers with your toiletry items to prevent them from getting smooshed in your bag and leaking out.

Organize dresser drawers. Use the containers to keep items organized inside of dresser drawers such as socks, underwear, and other smaller items. This is especially ideal for younger children, it makes it easy for them to find their tiny socks!

It’s your turn ECO warriors - how do you upcycle your old plastic containers? Please share your plastic upcycling tips on our Facebook page

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