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Salad To-Go Containers

Salad To-Go Containers

Strategies for Perfect Packing of Your Favorite Salads

Hearty salads provide crunchy, crispy, vitamin-packed goodness the entire family can enjoy. But packing voluminous, leafy spinach greens and crisp romaine leaves can be a bit tricky unless you have the right salad lunch box containers. Plus, no one wants the unhappy surprise of finding a puddle of dressing in the bottom of their backpack, purse, or travel pack. Ugh!

No problem, salad lovers! We’ve got you covered with our plastic-free, no-leak, dishwasher-safe ECOlunchbox Salad Kit!

This set of stainless steel containers come with non-toxic silicone lids that are leak-proof. They’re free of estrogen-mimicking chemicals commonly found in plastics like BPA, BPS, and phthalates. And because steel and silicone are lighter than heavy, breakable glass containers, your family can toss our salad kits in your bags on the way to school, work, the playground, or the campground—worry-free.

Salads need extra head room!

Leafy greens, especially spring mixes, are prone to wilting when drizzled in the morning and left to sit for hours until lunch. So for maximum enjoyment of your leafy greens, we recommend packing salad separately from your toppings and dressing. Keep in mind that greens need a lot of space. Size up your container. Lettuce doesn’t like to be squished!

When it comes to your crunchy croutons and toasted seeds or nuts, don’t forget these toppings need to be packed separately, so they don’t get soggy. A crunchy topping that’s lost its crunch is a real bummer.

Stop wilting in its tracks.

Keep your salad cool as a cucumber, but skip the bulky plastic blue ice packs. Here’s an eco-cold strategy we think you’ll love. Did you know an icy cold water bottle can do double duty by toting cold water for drinking as well as keeping your salad greens crispy cool?

Fill your favorite steel water bottle to the brim with ice cubes in the morning (do not freeze water in the bottle as the expansion will likely crack it!), and top off with water. Tuck it into your briefcase or backpack next to your salad to keep it cool until lunchtime. At the end of the day, you’ll be well hydrated. Plus, there’s no need to bring home a defrosted plastic ice pack for re-freezing. Win-win!

Introducing our ECO salad container set

Our zero-waste Blue Water Bento Salad Set includes a Seal Cup Jumbo, one Seal Cup Mini, and one Seal Cup Solo. Plus, you can add a Tableware Trio utensil set (or make it simple for the kids with an ECOspork).

Ready for your next salad adventure? Here’s some food for thought! How about packing up a Seal Cup Jumbo (holds 6 cups) with finely chopped romaine, bunches of spinach, or hearty kale? Grab your Seal Cup Mini (holds 3 oz.) for safe-storage of your honey mustard, vinaigrette, or zesty bleu cheese dressing. And last, but certainly not least, load up your Seal Cup Solo (holds 7 oz.) with brain-fueling walnuts, crunchy chia seeds, or snappy sunflower seeds.

Voila... combine, dress, toss, and top! All your ingredients get to travel separately in the comfort of their own quarters so you can say goodbye to soggy salads for good.

Salad sets are great for prepared food bars, too!

No time to make your own salad? To make zero-waste, take-out eating easy peasy, we’ve etched tare weights on the bottom of our containers. That means you can have an empty Salad Set at your office or school for zero-waste lunching to-go.

Buy your salad at a prepared food bar where salad greens, chopped veggies, and toppings are sold by weight. At check-out, let the cashier know that the tare weight is on the bottom, so the container’s weight can be subtracted. In the end, you’re only charged for your food.


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