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Summer Fun With A Small Carbon Footprint

Summer Fun With A Small Carbon Footprint

Being Eco-Conscious By Finding Greener Ways to Beat the Heat!

The summer is upon us! It's a time for warm weather, relaxation, and outdoor fun. But as the temperatures rise, our energy bills climb and our negative impacts on global warming soar. Energy demand peaks during the summer hours of 4 to 9 p.m. when people are back home and cranking the air conditioning to combat that heat. 

If the bigger energy bill isn’t problematic enough, energy delivered during that afternoon "peak" often relies more heavily on fossil fuel-driven plants to generate it and has a higher than normal global warming impact! 

So how do we continue to enjoy ourselves and keep our families safe and comfortable throughout the summer while minimizing our environmental impact? Here are some eco-friendly activities for enjoying the late afternoons without depending on electricity.

Embrace the Great Outdoors

One of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint during summer is by spending time in nature. Rather than seeking refuge in air-conditioned spaces, step outside during the cooler evening hours. Take in the gentle breeze, go for a leisurely walk or bike ride, organize some games of frisbee or soccer, and relish the beauty of nature. Plan some camping trips and escape to the woods where it's cooler in the shade while you unplug in the tranquility of nature, creating memories that last a lifetime and reduce environmental impact. Not only will this help you avoid excessive energy use, but it will also rejuvenate your mind and body.

Unleash Your Inner Chef

Summertime presents the perfect opportunity to explore your culinary skills while supporting sustainable practices. Experiment with new recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables sourced from farmers' markets or your own garden. You can barbecue or precook meals before 4 p.m. By opting for local, organic, and plant-based ingredients, you reduce your carbon footprint, support local farmers, and promote healthier eating habits, all while keeping the air conditioner off and energy costs low during peak hours.

Stick to Zero Waste Outdoor Dining

It's crucial to address the issue of single-use plastics when discussing activities with a small carbon footprint. Did you know that single-use plastics not only contribute to pollution but also significantly impact global warming? The production and disposal of plastics generate greenhouse gas emissions, and when these materials end up in landfills or oceans, they release harmful toxins into the environment. 

To combat this issue, choose plastic-free reusable alternatives, such as ECOlunchbox containers, steel divided plates and reusable utensils at your next zero waste BBQ. These sustainable options not only minimize waste but they also save our planet from the negative impacts of greenhouse gas emissions created through the production of single-use plastics.

Plastic-Free Blue Water Bento Insulated CanisterPlastic-Free Blue Water Bento Insulated Canister

Make a Splash

With some planning, you can come up with some water-based activities to help you cool off instead of cranking up te air conditioning. Whether heading to the public pool or a beach, there's access to water for any lifestyle. You can take a refreshing dip or pick up a hobby like paddleboarding, kayaking, or snorkeling (all of which you can rent if you don't want to afford to buy your own!) These activities provide hours of fun and can foster an appreciation and awareness for aquatic ecosystems.

In spite of the heat, heading outdoors and finding shade or wading into the water offers a lot of low-energy relief. Keeping your activities closer to home will reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, too. ECOlunchbox always supports families getting out into nature, hence why our products are vital in reducing single-use plastic consumption while you snack on the go. Choosing activities with a small carbon footprint doesn't mean sacrificing fun or excitement during the summer months. By taking in some of our suggestions, you can drive down your energy bill, crank up the fun, and step into a more eco-friendly lifestyle that not only enriches your lives but also promotes a sustainable future.

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