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Zero Waste Leftovers

Zero Waste Leftovers

Pack Leftovers Plastic-Free With These Tips & Tools

There’s something about leftovers. They always taste better the next day. Whether it’s pizza for breakfast or a post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich, leftovers are delicious and cut down on food waste.

Speaking of waste, there are many great plastic-free options for storing food. To be truly waste-free, you may need to think outside the (styrofoam) box a bit. But with these helpful tips, a plastic-free lifestyle is within your reach.


The wide mouth Mason glass jar is classic for storing a variety of goods but here’s a secret. The lids are problematic. The white undercoating contains BPA and the tin-plated steel lids rust.

Luckily Masontops is here to help. Made of premium silicone, they fit a variety of jar sizes. Air-tight and leak-proof they also come in a rainbow of colors.


These stainless steel and plastic-free zero-waste lunch containers last a lifetime. Never worry about soggy, wasteful packaging again.

With sturdy construction and durable materials, ECOlunchbox zero-waste stainless steel lunch boxes save your leftovers and lunches from getting squished. Stainless steel doesn’t hold odor. Browse also our collection of Blue Water Bento Lunchboxes.


We love these handy dandy Food Huggers. They encase half-used apples and tomatoes to keep them fresh and flavorful. Made of silicone and BPA & phthalate-free, these little guys are invaluable.


Skip the plastic-wrap and check out this all-natural alternative made with organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. Bee’s Wrap is washable, reusable and compostable.

You’ll get so much use out of this one product from wrapping bowls, to keeping fruit fresh.


This seemingly ordinary aluminum foil has an eco twist… it’s reusable and 100% recycled. If You Care foil allows you to freeze leftovers efficiently and eco-friendly. Pass on glass and steel that can break with the swelling that comes with freezing.

Another bonus: leftovers packed in aluminum trays carefully wrapped with foil can go from freezer to oven in a flash. Just make sure to pack each item up right! A tear or rip can cause freezer burn, which ruins a dish.


Fresh bread is heavenly, but keeping it that way can be a pain.

Peg and Awl make eco-chic bread bags in a variety of sizes. Cute enough to use as wrapping paper!

Skip the plastic bags and store your bread in bread tins. Running low on counter space? Double bag your loaf in cotton bags. Thanks Beth Terry of My Plastic Free Life for these tips.

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