Healthy Portion Control with ECOlunchbox

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Celebrate Lunchtime With Right-Size Portions

When practiced to its fullest, mindful eating turns a simple meal into a spiritual experience, giving us a deep appreciation of all that went into the meal's creation as well a deep understanding of the relationship between the food on our table, our own health, and our planet's health. - Thich Nhat Hanh

We live in an eat-on-the-go culture. It's hard to keep track of what we're eating - and how much. In our food-obsessed and diet-focused culture, eating is often thoughtless, reflexive and happening all day long, including in cars, offices, trains, everywhere! 

ECOlunchbox celebrates mindful eating and offers our products as tools to control portions and become more aware of both the quantity of food we're ingesting as well as how much of different types of food we are serving ourselves.

Mindful eating is an ancient self-awareness practice that can be helpful in reducing overeating and bringing back the joy of eating into our daily lives.

Several of our products, including the ECOlunchbox Three in One, the Tri Bento and our trays have divided sections that can be very helpful. Dietitians recommend that we eat appropriate portions of three of the five food groups at every meal, so each section of your ECOlunchbox can be assigned a food type and kept separate from the other items to track portion control and fully enjoy your meal - mindfully!