Blue Water Bento


Blue Water Bento - Plastic-Free Boxes and Organic Cotton Bags

Why Blue Water Bento?


ECOlunchbox is delighted to announce the launch of our Blue Water Bento collection for release in Spring 2014!

The first product to market in our colorful Blue Water Bento collection is our Splash Box™ featuring our classic stainless steel lunchbox bottom plus a novel silicone lid. Designed with nature-loving families in mind, our slogan for this new line is "Green Lunches = Blue Waters!"

The colorful packaging features a humpback whale swimming in a blue ocean. The whale is surrounded with information about importance of protecting our oceans from plastic as well as a few marine jokes. (How do oysters call their friends? See bottom of this page for answer!)

Since ECOlunchbox first introduced to market its line of plastic-free, eco-friendly lunchware in 2009, its mission has been to help families reduce their dependence on plastics by providing high-quality, plastic-free lunchware alternatives.



Plastic Convenience Sans Plastic?

Over the years we have heard the need again and again from our community that they loved our 100% stainless steel lunchbox - non-toxic, dishwasher safe, rugged, plastic free! What else could they dream for? Well, there was one little thing.... we repeatedly got requests for a plastic-free lunchbox that was also leak-free.

In essence, our community really wanted the no-leak convenience of plastic - without the plastic!

ECOlunchbox worked on several different prototypes for a no-leak and no-plastic design including gaskets. The challenge was to develop a gasket design that would not fall out - but could be easily removed for cleaning so that food caught around the gasket could be completely washed away between uses. As a mother herself and chief cook and bottlewasher, ECOlunchbox's Founder Sandra Ann Harris thought it was really important that the no-leak function be part of an easy-to-clean design! (Dishwasher safe, please!)

Ulimately, we decided that a lid made entirely of food-safe silicone (made from silica, which is also used to manufacture glass) would meet the needs of our community in terms of offering the convenience of a leak-free and plastic-free lid with a stainless steel bottom. Voila! Introducing, our Splash Box™ with coordinating Blue Water Bento organic cotton lunch sacks featuring three marine animals: a whale, a dolphin and a sea horse (avaialble soon).




People, then Planet

The look of our new Splash Box™ is decidedly more modern and contemporary that our classic ECOlunchbox line featuring classic stainless steel lunchboxes paired with handmade artisan lunchbags. But don't be fooled by the modernity of our new design, ECOlunchbox's traditional eco-friendly values behind haven't changed a bit. We continue to be committed to helping families reduce their dependence on plastics by offering high-quality, plastic-free alternatives.

ECOlunchbox is delighted to be part of a growing global anti-plastic movement. Awareness of the perils of plastics has moved beyond the deep green communities into mainstream consciousness thanks to the frequent publication of articles in major daily newspapers as well as reporting on the major radio stations and television networks.

Over the years, we've found that a primary driver of purchasing behavior among our ECOlunchbox community is concern about the hormone-disrupting toxins in plastics, such as bisphenol-A (BPA) and thalaytes. Oftentimes expectant mothers and parents of small children are especially eager to choose to reduce use of plastics out of concern for the longterm health ramifications.

 Help eliminate plastic by using ECOlunchbox's reusable lunchware Plastic hurts the planet  


Caption: This Albatross bird died after ingesting brightly colored plastic pieces mistaken for food. Plastics are accumulating in our oceans, such as in the North Pacific Ocean where The Great Pacific Garbage Patch was discovered several years ago. We see the debris washing up on our beaches. Marine mammals are getting hurt and killed by non-biodegradable plastic, such as these seals that have become entangled.


Additionally, many environmentalist consumers are motivated to reduce their dependence on plastics since only 1% of global plastic is recycled each year. The remaining 99% of plastic waste either ends up buried in a landfill or lost in the environment. Many people don't realize that Earth's largest landfill isn't on land at all. An immense collection of plastic debris has accummulated for hundreds of miles across the North Pacific Ocean in a gyre dubbed the "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch." The plight of the endangered birds and marine life living in this area is sensitizing people to the environmental threat plastic poses in this gyre as well as others in other parts of the world. Marine life is accidentally eating the plastic as well as getting entangled in the plastic.

We believe that with our Blue Water Bento collection we're tapping into the desires of families everywhere to live healthier lives - for both people and planet! Our products empower people to choose not to use plastic at lunchtime - and to begin a journey in other areas of their lives towards reducing their dependence on plastics overall. We are grateful to share this journey with our ECOlunchbox community and welcome your feedback on our new Blue Water Bento collection.


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