ECOlunchbox loves working with Bloggers

ECOlunchbox loves bloggers!

Who is ECOlunchbox seeking to work with?

We want to work with bloggers who are geared towards parenting, healthy lifestyles, outdoor sports or travel, environmentalism and generally interested in educating their community about eco-friendly strategies and tools, like our ECOlunchboxes.  

We are not looking for reviews at this time, but rather new, fresh and interesting content that we can share with our audience too. (Win-win!) Let's collaborate on a recipe, article, travel-log, DIY and beyond. Let's get creative!

We are looking for blogs that mix up the content of their posts a bit. You know, sprinkle in articles, commentary, photos, craft projects and more among the reviews.

In the past, we required that your blog must have at least 2,000 Facebook followers. But these days we'd really like to reach out across platforms and are especially interested in bloggers active on Instagram. 

Please email with any further questions. 

Why does ECOlunchbox work with bloggers?

We think you will love our products and are looking for you to share your ECOlunchbox experience and cross promote your review with us through social media, ensuring we reach both of our communities. 

We are a small company started by a San Francisco Bay Area eco mom at her kitchen table. We strive to educate and grow awareness of the health and environmental issues associated with plastics as well as organically build our brand by working with individuals who share our mission of finding everyday green lifestyle solutions to support people and planet! 


How does ECOlunchbox work with bloggers?

We love working with bloggers who are interested in writing articles, sharing recipes photographed in our lunch boxes and reviewing our products or doing a giveaway... the more creative and fun the better! Games are fun, too! Email us your idea and let's have some fun putting something together. 


How should giveaways be set up?

To work with us on a giveaway we ask that your social media audience be at least 2,000 people strong in the channel you are hosting the giveaway. We ask that upon entering to win your audience is asked to "like" us on Facebook, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on Twitter or re-pin something from our Pinterest page, follow us on Instagram or a combination of these actions. One of our primary objectives in working with bloggers is to build our communities online. We really appreciate help with this! 


Does the winner need to live in the United States?

Yes, the winners' mailing address must be within the US. 

Does ECOlunchbox cross promote?

Yes, we cross promote with the blogger sharing the review with our community via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We'd love to meet your community - and are delighted to introduce our community to yours! 

Is the giveaway prize the same as the product I reviewed?

We can agree on a prize. Sometimes the prize is a coupon code or gift certificate. Other times it's a product, such as the one reviewed. However if it is one of our soft good items then it may be a different color/pattern. 

Our block-printing artisans are always sending us new colors and patterns and we never know what textile treasures they are going to send us next. If you request a certain color pattern we will do our best to find one as close as possible to what you're seeking.


Does ECOlunchbox need to approve my review in advance?

We'd love to see it before it's published to check for accuracy and provide any supporting information that would be useful, but it's not required. We would love to know your publish date, however, so we can cross drive traffic and let our community know about the review, promotion, giveaway, event, etc... 

Does ECOlunchbox have any review requests?

Please link keyword phrases (i.e. eco lunch box, waste free lunchbox, stainless steel food container, rectangular tiffin, metal bento box, handmade machine washable lunchbag, eco lunchbox, bpa-free lunchbox, etc...) from your blog back to an internal page on our Website. This will help people find us! 

We have lots of educational content - including a lunch waste study - that is fun and newsy. Linking back to the product you are reviewing is always a great idea. 

Additionally, here are some fun links to news you can use on our Website: 

Litterless lunch study  |   Why choose ECOlunchbox?
Toxins in plastics  |  Ecomom founder
Hand block printed textiles  |  Planet impact study


How can I get started?

Please email with any further questions.