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Sampler Orders

Save $$ on Best Selling SKUs Sampler Packs

Discounted Pricing!

Not sure what to order? Not to fret. We've put together discounted sampler orders to make it easy for you to try a variety of ECOlunchbox products.

Give your customers a choice and they'll tell you with their purchasing what is best to re-order for your store.

ECOlunchbox products are sold in 6-packs to our wholesale customers in our online store as well as in eaches for $1 more to cover our extra picking and packing costs.

These assortments break the packs and offer the units without the extra charges, so there's a savings in ordering these as well!

We have these 3 sampler offers on sale now in our online store. Scroll to the bottom of the ordering form to place in your wholesale cart for check-out.

$375 Discounted Sampler Pack ($15 Promo Savings)

$275 Discounted Sampler Pack ($10 Promo Savings)

$160 Discounted Sampler Pack ($10 Promo Savings)

(Waives The Standard $200 Minimum Opening Order)

More Eco Pro Ordering Tips!

#1 If you need help planning your order, please contact us at so we can suggest an assortment tailored to your clientele. We'd love to 🐳 spout off a few ideas!

#2 It's free to add a catalog to your wholesale order, so you can have a hard copy on hand to review when it's time to reorder.

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