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Why Sell at Target Stores? Is Bigger Really Better?

Why Sell at Target Stores? Is Bigger Really Better?

A letter from our Founder Sandra Ann Harris about why growth is good  

Dear ECOlunchbox Community & New Target Store Friends!

We’re so excited to announce that select ECOlunchbox styles are now available at Target Stores! Our plastic-free Blue Water Bento Splash Box and Seal Cup Trio in their leak-proof and ocean-friendly glory are hitting the shelves of 750 Target Stores this week.

This is an exciting milestone for us. The news has definitely gotten out that reducing dependence on plastics is a great idea!  We’ve come such a long way when it comes to consumer awareness about the perils of plastics from where we were in 2009 when I started the company on my kitchen table.  

Back then, our products were sold mostly at small, organic grocery stores. Now we have an exciting opportunity to bring our unique, plastic-free products to a whole new group of people who probably don’t know us yet. Hello there!

ECOlunchbox stainless steel and silicone no-leak Blue Water Bento food containersWe are so grateful to our long-time community of green buyers and ECOlunchbox lovers for supporting us over the years with their dollars, encouragement and new product ideas. The Blue Water Bento products we’re selling at Target now are the result of your support.

With your partnership, we are widening our circle and welcoming newcomers to live the ECO life. By making our non-toxic, eco-friendly food containers even more easily available,  more people can join the plastic-free movement. When it comes to making change with our plastic-free food containers, we say, “The more the merrier!”

Since ECOlunchbox was founded 8 years ago, we’ve sold more than 400,000 lunchboxes worldwide and our community of ECOlunchbox users averts the use and disposal of tens of millions of pieces of trash every year. We can only imagine how these numbers will swell with greater distribution in Target Stores.

Some people love that our food containers are non-toxic, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe. Others value the fact that all ECOlunchbox products  are waste-free and responsibly manufactured.  Some of our customers simply want to save money by packing lunch in our reusable containers. And then there’s the fact that our containers are delightfully stylish and fun to use at lunchtime - or anytime for food storage.

Regardless of why people come to love ECOlunchbox, our mission is to make great, long-lasting products for people, planet and pocketbook everyday and we’re delighted to have you as part of our community.

Check out this locator map to see if they’re on the shelves of a Target Store near you. We’re stocked in the sporting goods section with the water bottles near the bicycles.

Please join our mailing list (scroll to bottom for email sign-up) and social communities on Facebook and Instagram for recipe inspiration, plastics news you can use, and inspirational ECO (and eco) news.

We’ll see you at lunchtime!

Image of signature of Sandra Harris, ECOlunchbox founder
Sandra Ann Harris
ECOlunchbox Founder & President


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