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Become a Planet Saving Superhero with these 5 Simple Steps!

Become a Planet Saving Superhero with these 5 Simple Steps

What's your super power? You may have X-ray vision, super strength, and be able to fly, but can you perform truly world-saving, eco-friendly feats to save our planet Earth?

Extra points if you have a mask and cape as you endeavor to become a planet-saving superhero. Small things we do every day can make the planet a greener and cleaner place for people and animals today and for future generations.

Become an environmental superhero! Check out these 5 ways to save the planet.

1) Villain: Energy Hog | Superhero Action: Flip a switch and Upgrade!

25% of home energy use is hogged up by electric lighting. Most people have switched over to compact fluorescent light bulbs because they last longer and use less energy, but there's a new hero in town: LEDs! Light Emitting Diodes use 1/3-1/30th the amount of energy a traditional incandescent light bulb uses, and last 10 times longer than a compact fluorescent bulb.

2) Villain: Woeful Water Waster  |  Superhero Action: Turn off the faucet!

Water is a precious, limited resource. Here in California, and other parts of the country, lack of clean water is becoming a big deal.  Prevent wasteful use of water by turning off the faucent while brushing your teeth and washing dishes. Take shorter showers. Re-use water whenever you can: for example you can water your plants with the water you used to boil your pasta or steam veggies. Get creative!

ECOlunchbox Superhero Saving the Planet With Waste-Free Stainless Steel Food Containers

Eco lunchbox super heroes pack a punch and a waste-free lunch with stainless steel food containers!3) Villain: Pitiful Plastic Polluter  |  Superhero Action: Pick it up!

See some garbage at the park? Leave the planet a prettier place than you found it by picking it up. Plastic trash isn't just ugly, it's also dangerous to wildlife who think it's food. Then make sure the trash gets disposed of correctly. Bottles and some plastics go into recycling, food waste and some papers can go into compost. 

4) Villain: Gross Garbage Gyre  |  Superhero Action: Pack a litter-less lunch!

Prevent plastic pollution in the first place by reducing or eliminating it from your daily routine. A perfect place to start is lunch time. Pack reusable containers like our Seal Cup Trio and Splash Box which are designed to be easy to use and easy on the environment. Packing your own containers to school every day can prevent more than a thousand pieces of trash.

Have planet-saving tips or environmental superhero ideas you think we should add? Share with us on Facebook! We'll pick some action-packed fan tips on our blog!

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