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One for One for Sea Turtles

One for One for Sea Turtles

Join us in celebrating World's Ocean Day with a fellow mission-based company and a non-profit environmental organization. We are all working to protect our Big Blue from plastic pollution, which is a growing threat to sea turtles and countless other marine animals. Together we are part of the plastic pollution solution!

Raising funds for sea turtles

ECOlunchbox has teamed up for the entire month of June with Love Bottle, Ocean Sole and SEE Turtles to raise funds for sea turtle conservation and protection. World Oceans Day is June 8. All three of the participating companies are part of the plastic pollution revolution, driving awareness about the perils of plastics and creating for sale products that don’t burden our oceans with more plastics.

For every order placed on each of our participating Web stores, we'll donate $1 to SEE Turtle's Billion Baby Turtles project.

“Sea turtles are extremely important both to people and to wild habitats. Sea turtles help control the amount of jellyfish in the ocean, keep seagrass healthy, and eat sponges that allow coral reefs to grow,” says Brad Nahill, co-founder of SEE Turtles.

SEE Turtles is an organization that supports community-based turtle conservation programs in Latin America through their Billion Baby Turtles program and conservation tours. Every $1 donated helps save at least one endangered hatchling at an important nesting beach in Latin America.

“I’ve seen how important bringing volunteer support to sea turtle protection projects is in terms of protecting long stretches of beach and providing financial support,” Nahill adds. “It is something we need to keep doing.”

The non-profit oceanic research organization Five Gyres estimates that more than 1,200 species are impacted by plastic through ingestion or entanglement - which sicken and kill animals. Sea turtles as well as birds, fish, dolphins, sharks and whales, among many other types of marine life, are ingesting plastic trash in our oceans as well as getting entangled in plastic debris, such as fishing nets.

We are so thrilled to share our love for the oceans and sea turtles with our communities. To join us in raising funds to help save the sea turtles, please choose to use one of our products and use the code SEETURTLES at checkout.


Save The Sea Turtles

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Who Are These Ocean-Friendly Businesses?

Love Bottle

Love Bottle

Show your love of the oceans by saying no to plastic water bottles. Did you know that 37.5 billion single-use plastic water bottles end up in our oceans and landfills each year? Love Bottle, based in Oregon, is on a mission to minimize the impact of plastic by designing and selling inspirational glass water bottles. Glass is a petroleum-free material that’s non-toxic for people and planet. Made with love in the USA, Love Bottles are designed to improve the physical and emotional health of our bodies and our planet. Giving back is a huge part of Love Bottle's mission and the company is  proud to partner with SEE Turtles.

Shop Love Bottle to help save the sea turtles, and remember to use the code SEETURTLES at checkout.

Ocean Sole

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Ocean Sole is a social enterprise whose mission is to engage with communities to clean-up beaches that are polluted with debris and create from the waste inspirational sculptures made from flip-flop pollution.

The flip-flop waste is upcycled by artisans who carve the plastic material into sharks, lions and other marine and land animals.

The flip-flop sculptures are symbols for the impacted marine and human life that the debris destroys in its path from landfills to the ocean.  Every single Ocean Sole masterpiece is handcrafted to protect the oceans and teach the world about the threats of marine debris.

Shop Ocean Sole on SEE Turtle's web shop. 


Designed with people and planet in mind, ECOlunchbox prevents 10s of millions of pieces of plastic from entering the waste-stream and our oceans annually by designing and selling plastic-free lunchware.

Our Blue Water Bento collection features inspirational lids, made from non-toxic silicone, with ocean-inspired designs to remind us lunch by lunch to be caretakers of our oceans and planet.

We are a mission-based company seeking to empower families to reduce their dependence on plastic by bringing to market plastic-free food containers for everyday use. Join us in making positive change for people and planet lunch by lunch! Shop now to save the sea turtles, and remember to use the code SEETURTLES at checkout.

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