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Making Waves, Making Change With Our #MyStory Eco Heroes

Making Waves, Making Change With Our MyStory Eco Heroes

Photo by Kyle Glenn 

We invite you to get inspired by reading our blog about the uplifting journeys of everyday environmentalists. Their stories can embolden us to jump into change making ourselves.

Imagine what you can do to support a healthy environment—starting with your own daily choices at home. Small steps by each of us will determine the healthfulness of our families—and our planet.

So read on to learn about how our founder’s desire for a plastic-free lunch solution led her to launch ECOlunchbox at her kitchen table. Discover how a plastic bag in the wind and a man with a sewing machine inspired a mission-based reusable bag company. Lift your heart with the story of a cancer survivor who created a recipes blog to share her gift of healing food. Find out how a woman’s encounter with a struggling seagull changed them both--and launched a movement to reduce ocean pollution and protect dolphins, whales and sea turtles.

Get ready to start your own eco-adventure by reading these stories of individuals making a difference in our lives.

My earth mother Story MyStory Hoda Cox My Plastic Mountains Story
andy keller My Beautiful Bees Story Eating Greenly
Green on Campus My Healing Planet Story Sandra

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