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2017 Year in Review - What's Next?

ECOlunchbox Looks to the Future!

We got some good news for the New Year! Hello 2018! Because of you, our ECOlunchbox community, we continue to make a positive impact on the planet!

This is big! Our mission is to reduce plastic use and we're doing it. We're actually doing it! With your help and support we were able to cut down on CO2 emissions and divert harmful waste headed to overcrowded landfills this past year.

And because our sales continue to grow, we continue to help care for the planet we all cherish. Let's keep it up in 2018!

ECOlunchbox Makes Headlines 

We're grateful that publications such as Martha Stewart Living, Cooking Light, Forbes, and Real Simple are taking notice of our green products and even greener mission. 

As part of our close community you've committed yourself to plastic free living for quite some time. it's nice to see the major publications and mainstream are finally catching up with us! 


An Oversized Experience

Our time selling at Target was exciting, fast-paced, and a tad overwhelming. ECOlunchbox took the plunge, and saw what it was like selling at Target. We're glad we did it and thankful for your support. After giving it a go, we decided something so big wasn't right for our small company. 

A Lunchbox is Only a Lunchbox When...

It's filled to the brim with yummy, delicious food. We know from experience our friends and family usually have the best recipes. They're always made with love using the freshest, healthiest ingredients. 

We invite everyone to submit your favorite recipes and photos of it packed up in an ECOlunchbox at social@ecolunchboxes.com for a chance to be featured on our blog, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Connect with Us 



We Got a New Lunchbox Up Our Sleeve

We can't spill the beans just yet, but we're launching a brand new box in late Jan/early Feb. A fresh design in the eco-friendly containers you've come to love but with a top secret twist. 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know when we launch our fabulous new product. 

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