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Breadless Wonders

Breadless Wonders

Green lunchtime can’t come soon enough with these amazing breadless sandwiches!

Ditch the gluten and whip up these wonderful sandwiches bursting with flavor and full of nutrients.

Home cooking has never been more exciting, more healthy, and more accessible. Even with all the recipes available on our smartphones, sometimes we can fall into a lunch rut or unhealthy habits.

Substituting more nutritious wrappers for bread can immediately give you a lunchtime upgrade. Just add a dash of creativity to your meal prep and transform your favorite lunchtime sandwiches into carb-free delights.

Pictured here is our the Savoy Cabbage Veggie Breakfast Burrito Wrap in an ECOlunchbox Oval. In collage art above, you'll see a few more breadless wonders, such as our Breadless Tuna Sandwich on Cucumber Baguette and our Quinoa Romaine Vegetarian Lettuce Wrap both packed in Solo Rectangle bento boxes.

Once you embrace the lettuce wrap as a crunchy, healthy substitute for your favorite rye or sourdough, suddenly the possibilities are endless. You’ll start seeing bread alternatives everywhere you look, from the deli case to the farmer’s market.

Fruit, veggies, and meat become the perfect wrappers for goodies like chicken salad, burritos, and even classics like BLT’s!

Sandwich bread is fine, but the healthy alternative can help highlight and complement the flavors you already love. The smokiness of the bacon is refreshed with crispy iceberg lettuce. Tuna salad gets a new spin when a cucumber tags in for wheat toast. Everyone loves apples in chicken salad, but what if the apple is also the bread!? Mind blown.

Recipes for some of our favorite breadless sandwiches are found below but don’t let this limit your creativity. After all, the sky (or the lettuce) is the limit!

Each of these grain-free sandwiches fit perfectly into our ECOlunchbox for the healthiest, most delicious lunch imaginable! Pair your sandwich with nutritious sides such as nuts, fruits, and veggie sticks for a well-rounded meal to see you through the afternoon doldrums.

Savoy Cabbage Veggie Breakfast Burrito Wrap 

Quinoa Romaine Vegetarian Lettuce Wrap

Breadless Tuna Sandwich on Cucumber Baguette

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