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The ECO Adventure Kit is Here

The ECO Adventure Kit is Here

Hit the #ZeroWaste Path with our Stainless Steel Tri Bento, Pot Gripper and Spork Set

Calling all explorers: you’ve just found the perfect companion for all your outdoor endeavors. The ECO Adventure Kit does triple the work while being compact and, of course, eco-friendly!

The kit combines the stacking and packing capabilities of our Tri Bento with a convenient stainless steel spork and a sturdy pot gripper. It’s a fabulous lunchbox/cook set great to take out to the woods where you can enjoy a cold or hot meal al fresco.

Our plastic-free Tri Bento includes three levels of food containers that clip together compactly for easy storage in your backpack, kayak or cooler. With a total capacity of 4.5 cups (36 oz), you’ll have no problem packing a healthy snack, delectable dinner, and a sweet treat (or two)!

When you’re ready to heat up your grub, simply latch your stainless steel pot gripper onto your Tri Bento and place onto your propane camp stove or Jetboil Flash Stove. Now, grab your spork and nosh to your eco heart’s content wherever your adventure has taken you.

Our ECO Adventure Kit is 100% plastic-free. That means you are truly honoring our planet every time you dine. We are committed to minimizing our footprint and eliminating plastics! Why? Because we want our great, great grandchildren to know a litterless world full of thriving whales, dolphins and abundant marine life!

From camping along the shores of your favorite beach to glamping in an air-conditioned tent, there’s no wrong way to enjoy the great outdoors. Grab your ECO Adventure Kit and let the good times roll.

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