3 Steps To Minimist Living With ECOlunchbox

ECOlunchbox has put together a simple list of three steps to minimal living. Living with less cleans up your life and the planet at the same time.

As fashion designer Vivienne Westwood said, "Buy Less, Choose Well." Westwood was referring to purchasing a well-made coat rather than shopping at fast-fashion retailers. But the same motto applies to shopping for most anything. When you invest in a quality made object, it is highly likely to last longer than its quickly-made counterpart. Stainless steel lunch boxes, like our Solo Rectangle and ECOlunchpod, are made to withstand years of lunches, hundreds of dishwasher cycles and tons of tumbles in a backpack.

People think disposable lunches are easier... but are they really? The truth is they’re harsh on the environment  and heavy on your wallet. Thousands of pieces of trash are generated each year by just one family's packed lunches. That same family can save more than $400 in the long run by avoiding pre-packaged snacks and lunch foods.

Buying items that have more than one use is a great way to cut down on clutter in your house. Kitchen gadgets are notorious for being “unitaskers” as no-nonsense chef Alton Brown regularly calls out in disgust. Many lunch boxes fall in this category, but ECOlunchboxes are made to be modular. Take our Three-in-One, for example. You pack it stacked and clipped together with all three compartments. You can also pack just the top layer or just pack the ECOlunchpod snack container.

And don’t forget our lunch boxes can also be used for more than just lunch! Try them for storing dry goods, saving leftovers, packing camping essentials, toting pet food to-go and more.

Other multi-use wares can be found around your house right now. Look around and see what you have already in your cupboards. A simple jar can be used as a storage container, drinking glass, candle holder, or vase. Why buy four things when you can use just one for all needs?

The best way to prevent unnecessary garbage from entering your house is to refuse it in the first place. With your own arsenal of reusable wares, you can be prepared to refuse single-use items that you may not have even thought twice about before.

Just say no to disposable straws and utensils restaurants give you. You can find some amazing reusable straws at Glass Dharma and stellar utensil sets in our accessories shop. We also recommend bringing your own reusable take-out container instead of using the disposable ones often offered by restaurants and food trucks. Our Tri Bento is great for packing multiple foods in one handy package.

When possible, buy your snacks in the bulk section of your grocery store. You can store these snacks in a jar on your counter until you need to pack up your containers for lunch. Did you know you can take reusable containers to fill up in the bulkfood section of most stores. Have a cashier weigh and mark your ECOlunchbox with a tare weight then fill it with your trail mix, dried fruit or rice. At check-out, the cashier will back out the weight of the container so you are only paying for the dry goods you’re purchasing.


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