School District First To Go Totally Organic and Planet-Friendly

Healthy Eats for Students

Turning Green's Conscious Kitchen has transformed the cafeterias of Bayside Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy and Willow Creek Academy in Sausalito, CA into all-organic, non-GMO, healthy-eating, and waste-less school lunch programs. They are the first in the country to completely do away with conventionally grown foods, opting instead for organically grown, locally grown, seasonal, and fresh foods. Students receive meals cooked from-scratch and on-site served on reusable ECOlunchbox lunchware, a far cry from the foil and plastic packed lunches some school districts still give out.  

Healthy Meals for Planet

Not only is the Sausalito School District ditching non-organics, they're also forgoing disposable plates and plastics with a little help from ECOlunchbox's stainless-steel lunch trays. Our durable and reusable, and commercial dishwasher-safe trays are a perfect long-lasting solution for school cafeterias. 

ECOlunchtrays in use at an all-organic school cafeteria

Top 100!

The Conscious Kitchen has been named as one of the Rodale 100 in the Food category, who also include Pope Francis, Dr. Bronner's, and Neil Young. The Conscious Kitchen is exemplary of "promoting wise nutritional choices and educating, guiding, and encouraging best practices on farms and in gardens." Congratulations Conscious Kitchen & Turning Green! We're so happy to be a small part of your success!

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