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Eco-Friendly Gifts for Foodies

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Foodies

Tis the season to give your top baker or best gourmet gal some healthy alternatives to use in their crafty kitchen. Whether your family and friends go flexitarian or free-range, we’ve got the green gadget they need.

Get the holidays wrapped up with a terracotta egg rack and our own gorgeous ECO lunchwrap (also great for wrapping up presents). Gift a steel herb chopper and natural fiber kitchen scrubbers shaped like a honeybee. Dole out Decorative Dots Glass Straws and a local specialty spice collection, and lay out your holiday feast on a vintage bamboo board. You’ve definitely got your foodie (and hostess) gifts covered

ECOlunchbox has put together a list of green gifts for the gourmands in your life or eco-friendly presents for foodies.

From reusable egg racks to plastic-free glass straws, there are plenty of ways to go green in your kitchen.  

Links below!

Gifts for Foodies

Terracotta Egg Rack | 2 Baguette Wrap
3 Vintage Serving Board | 4 Furoshiki ECOlunchwrap
5 Specialty Spice Collection | 6 Steel Herb Chopper
7 Decorative Dots Glass Straw | 8
Dish Scrubbers



Shop more foodie-friendly gifts at ECOlunchbox!

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