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Green Gifts for Furry Friends

Green Gifts for Furry Friends

Your basset hound and Persian fluff ball deserve to join the eco-friendly set, too, so eliminate chemical-filled treats and accessories with our eco gift list for your furry friends. We’ve rounded up a selection of toys, treats and treasures to tickle all your fur baby’s senses—naturally, of course. Deck Baxter out in an eco-smart, vintage tweed jacket to distinguish him from the pack; pull out an Ecodipper container for a smart snack; offer up organic apple cinnamon dog treats; and tempt kitty with a healthy mouse to hunt around the house.

Eco-friendly finds for the furry loved-ones in your life:

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Gifts for Furry Friends


1 Camp Coat | 2 Compostable Bags

3 Eco-friendly Cat Toy | 4 Organic Dog Treats

5 ECOdipper Treat Container



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