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Green Gifts for Teens

Green Gifts for Teens List by ECOlunchbox

Turn up the holidays for your tween or teen with these super smart, eco-friendly gifts from our list. Check out these sustainable gifts for teens. Your mini musician will love a Pick Punch to make recycled guitar picks; and your artist-in-training will adore this Sneaker Customization Kit to kick their shoes up a notch. Gift Piggy Paint to the fashionista for healthy nail polish in a rainbow of colors. And don’t forget necessities like a soothing tea tree gel for skin woes and a stainless steel Splash Box to keep your best student’s backpack splash free. #KillinItEcoStyle!

It can be tough to shop for teens, especially when looking for eco-friendly options they can get excited about. We've whipped up a list chock full of nifty eco-friendly gifts for teens that just happen to be green.

With the Pick Punch you can create your own guitar picks out of credit cards, plastics, cardboard and more. 

Treat out-of-control skin with this soothing tea tree gel. No harsh chemicals!

The Splash Box slips into your backpack with no fear of leaks or spills. Take your own treats to school!

Aside from having a cute name, Piggy Paint also make non-toxic, eco-friendly nail polish in tons of bright colors.

Take tired kicks and transform them into the shoes of your dreams with a sneaker customization kit or other fun and unusual gift to spark your teen's creativity.

For more green gift items, check out our gift ideas.

Gifts for Teens


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