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Gifts for Eco Travelers

Gifts for Eco Travelers

Eco-travelers can stay green on the go with these great stocking stuffers. Eliminate plastic packaging and opt for smart, safe products even when you’re far from home. You’ll love adding these travel-size GoToob containers (food-safe, BPA- and PC-free, not to mention airplane carry-on approved!) into your gear. Fill one with natural, multi-use Tea Tree Soap. Then pack up a handy Solio Bolt battery charger and convenient plastic-free nesting ECOlunchbox food containers, and you’re ready for worldwide adventure (eco-friendly, of course).

Via plane, train or automobile, getting away can be a whole lotta fun. It's even more fun with the right gear. Help your jet-set friends and family gear up during the holidays for their next big trip.

The Bolt by Solio is a portable solar charger. A green way to juice your devices on the go!

Our Seal Cup Trio is a set of three nesting containers that are both unbreakable (thanks to the stainless steel bottoms) and leak-proof without any plastic (because of the non-toxic silicone lid). They pack away compactly, to save space.

A good way to go green while traveling is to avoid those disposable travel size items. Opt for Gotoob instead, reusable and squeezable travel containers for you shampoo, conditioner and lotion.

Dr. Bronner's All-in-One castille soap is a favorite because it's not only a liquid soap, its also a shampoo, laundry detergent, it can even be used as a toothpaste.

We love LL Bean's hanging toiletry kits because they keep your travel necessities organized from arrival to departure. Read on to learn more about these gift items and ideas for eco travelers.

Gifts for Travelers


Solo Bolt - travel solar charger Seal Cup Trio is a compact snack storage system great for travel Gotoob - the go to for reusable shampoo bottles All-in-One Dr Bronners is great for traveling greenly Handy hanging toiletry bag from LL Bean Image Map

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