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Teach Your Kids To Pack Their Own Lunch

Tired of hearing complaints from your kids about the lunches you pack? Or maybe food is coming home uneaten? Learn how to get your kids excited about packing their own lunch from as young as 6 years old. Support them with choices and easy access to everything they need to successfully pack a lunch that's nourishing.

To receive ECOlunchbox's guide for parents, please enter your email below. Our Founder and CEO Sandra Ann Harris has put together a how-to instructional for parents. It will be delivered digitally as an auto-reply to your sign-up request.

We hope our guide takes the stress out of your morning routines and adds joy to your child's lunchtime! Check out our recipe blog, too. We have a fantastic kid-friendly "Almond Butter Apple Bites" recipe that's great for youngsters in the kitchen.

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