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No matter your age, we think you’ll enjoy this free downloadable coloring book celebrating Plastic Free July, the beauty of our oceans, and educating about the importance of reducing our dependence on plastics.

Designed to either be printed at home or filled out on a touchscreen tablet, the hand-drawn illustrations created by our plastic-free friends at Washed Ashore, a non-profit sculpture organization. Coloring is a great low-key activity that can help kids of all ages calm down and zen out. The downloadable booklet also includes some activities and action prompts to help you get started saying goodbye to plastic.

So sign up now for immediate auto-delivery of our free PDF coloring book and pull out your crayons, colored pencils or digital stylus markers. You’ll also get a discount coupon code to use for purchases of ECOlunchbox products and our “Say Goodbye To Plastic: A Survival Guide For Plastic-Free Living” book in our online store.

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Say Goodbye To Plastic: A Survival Guide For Plastic Free Living by Sandra Ann Harris

Keep Learning With New Book: "Say Goodbye To Plastic: A Survival Guide For Plastic-Free Living"

In addition to selling plastic-free products since 2008, our intention and ECOlunchbox's mission has been to educate and inspire people about plastic pollution. Our founder, Sandra Ann Harris, a former investigative journalist and humanitarian aid worker, stumbled across information pointing to the dangers of plastics more than 15 years ago and has been on a mission ever since to help people reduce their dependence on this ubiquitous petroleum-based material.

"For me, plastic pollution isn’t just a job. It’s personal," Harris explains. "That’s why Say Goodbye To Plastic isn’t just a book of facts. It’s a first-person narrative about my life as a mother of two young children and how I set out to find non-toxic solutions for my family and the planet."

The goal of Sandra Ann Harris' book, which was published by Hatherleigh Press and distributed by Penguin Random House, is to educate and activate readers to dive into the plastic-free lifestyle.

So are you ready to start saying goodbye to plastic? The book (EAN 9781578268603) is available for sale in hardback on our website or on Amazon in hardback or Kindle. If you'd like to support your local independent bookstore, click here to search by zip code for the nearest seller near you. It can also be purchased online from many sellers, including Amazon and digitally as a Kindle book.

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