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Self-repair saves the planet, saves money and is much better than recycling. 

ECO fix-it and find it: Tips to make your lunch box last forever.

Have you heard of the Fix-It Manifesto? It calls for fixing the things you buy and buying things that are long-lasting and fixable. Recycling is great, but fixing things yourself saves energy and money spent in sorting and mining for recycled resources.

ECOlunchbox's snack containers and lunch boxes will last a lifetime! They're stainless steel which means they won't rust with age. Your clips may loosen over time and use, but there's an easy fix! Just follow the tips below to keep your ECOlunchbox Three-in-Ones and Tri Bentos going for years and years.

Let's say "no thanks" to throw-away culture!

For more ideas on how to fix a broken lunch box or how to keep your lunch box long-lasting check out our Fix it and Find It Tips to Keep Your Lunch Box Ticking.


How To Adjust Your Three-in-One Clips


Watch the video below to see the clip adjustment in action!


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