Terrain Magazine!See our recent feature in Readers Digest!


Eco Parent Magazine Features ECOlunchbox


Eco Parent Magazine features ECOlunchbox

Eco Parent Magazine has featured us in their summer issue - to say we are smiling from ear to ear is an understatement!

Real Simple Road Tests ECOlunchbox


Real Simple Road Tests ECOlunchbox

Real Simple Magazine has featured us in their "Get It Done" issue. Our Blue Water Bento Seal Cups have been selected as the lunch box that is "Best For Compact Storage." Given how each Seal Cup nests into the next, we couldn't agree more!

ECOlunchbox' Seal Cups chosen as Best for Compact Storage

Mompreneur Who Has Sold Over 300,000 Reusable Lunchboxes


ECOlunchbox featured in Forbes magazineForbes writes: Harris started her green business at her kitchen table and has sold over 300,000 ECOlunchboxes worldwide. These clever and useful items avoid tens of millions of pieces of trash — mostly plastic — from use and disposal each year.

The Italian Escape 


Martha Stewart Living features Three-in-One Stainless Steal Rectangle ECOLunchboxes in The Italian Escape. 

Meet: Ecolunchbox Founder Sandra Ann Harris 

We are so pleased that our Blue Water Bento collection is featured in Diablo Magazine proving that lunchtime can be sustainable. 

Reader's Digest Features ECOlunchbox


"Compared to plastic, silicone lasts longer, stands up better against heat and cold, and is more ocean-friendly—plus it’s odorless, stain-resistant, hypoallergenic, and has no open pores to harbor harmful bacteria," says Readers Digest.

Gear Locker


Terrain writes: "ECOlunchbox offers family gear that is functional, and also fun ."

30 Totally Doable Ways to Be a Greener Parent


Parents writes: "Pack silverware and cloth napkins in your child’s lunch instead of plastic and paper. Also, opt for reusable containers: try ECOlunchbox."

12 Lunch and Bento Boxes The Whole Family Will Love Using


ECOlunchbox featured in Cooking Light magazine.Cooking Light writes: "With a name like Blue Water Bento, it shouldn't surprise you that this lunch box is labeled "ocean friendly." The easy-open lid is perfect for small hands, but seals tightly enough that it can be thrown into a backpack or tote bag without a second thought."

ECOlunchbox's SplashBox lunch box

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly


Architectural Digest featured our oval and snack cup set which includes two stainless-steel containers with silicone lids.

26 Plastic-Free Essentials You Need in Your Life to Help Promote Marine Species and Our Oceans


One Green Planet says, "Bento boxes are perfect for portioning school lunches, like this ECOlunchbox Three-in-One Stainless Steel Food Container Set. This 100 percent stainless steel lunchbox set works great for packing a sandwich on the bottom, plus two separate snacks on the top container."

12 Eco-Friendly Food Products to Make Your Kitchen Greener


We're thrilled to be featured on Food Network's website! Tamara Green writes: "ECOlunchbox is committed to getting plastic out of your kitchen. Their stainless steel food containers, especially their Blue Water Bento line, are leak-proof, unbreakable and adorably designed. They’re not just for taking lunch on-the-go; these containers have multi-uses like storing dry goods and saving leftovers."


We are excited to see our Blue Water Bento Splash Box featured as a prize for letter to the editor!

Gear Guide: Meal Prep, Part 2 


Oxygen features ECOLunchbox Seal Cup Trio Blue Water Bento.

Personal Shopper Recommended


Ashley Koff Approved has given the ECOlunchbox Seal Cup Trio her seal of approval. Ashley Koff is an internationally-renowned registered dietitian who believes better nutrition is simple, but isn’t typically explained that way.

Gym Essentials


HEY DO YOU writes: It is so important to re-fuel after a serious workout at the gym! ECOlunchbox has a variety of high quality, stainless steel lunchware containers that are ideal for packing food on the go. Go green with this “plastic-free” option that is healthier for people and planet. This line is great for taking food on the go – be it for a gym session, a work lunch, or outdoor adventures!

Travel Gifts


The LA Times writes: The Furoshiki Snacksack Kit may be just the thing for eco-oriented travelers trying to create less waste on trips. The kit includes a 7-by-16-inch fabric bag, two reusable 5-ounce rectangular stainless-steel containers with lids and a sustainably grown bamboo spork. The sack comes in many colors.

ECOlunchbox a Meal Prep Tool


Muscle and Fitness magazine knows the best way to keep on a healthy track is to prepare ahead of time. In their Beginner's Guide to Meal Prep they named our ECOlunchboxes great tools for meal prep and healthy eating.

Let's Do Lunch


I'll take it now! It's easy to open and clean, leak-proof, cute, and I love the coordinating bag. 

Looking Cool at School


Our Blue Water Bento line was featured in Baby and Kids as a suite of containers for families looking to nix plastics from their lunches.

School Cool


Georgia Family Magazine's editor's picks for a cool school year includes ECOlunchbox' Three-in-One stacking lunch box.

Think Inside The Box


Planning, prepping and packing a good-for-you lunch that you’ll actually look forward to eating is a tall order for anyone to tackle. But it’s especially difficult for working moms-to-be, who are fighting fatigue and carefully considering every ingredient to ensure that they’re noshing on foods that will benefit their growing babes. 

To step up your meal-planning prowess, we chatted with Shannan Monson, RDN, mom of two and founder of Nutrition Simply in Augusta, Georgia, who put together a week’s worth of meals made with the expectant crowd in mind—and there isn’t a soggy sandwich in sight. Pull out your lunchboxes, and get packin’!

Let's Do Lunch


ECOLunchboxes is featured in tips for the perfect lunch in Best Health Magazine.  

B2S Style Finds


We made it into North Valley Magazine's round up of fresh new finds for the back to school season.

The Best Back-to-School Supplies This Year


"Dory-approved lunchware." Chicago Parent gives their stamp of approval, writing, "ECOlunchbox is making a splash in the world of lunchware. The company developed the Blue Water Bento Collection, which has stainless steel containers with silicone lids for a plastic-free and leak-proof design–and an ocean-friendly alternative for lunch boxes."

12 Products to Greenify Your Kitchen


Featured by Clean Eating Magazine as one of twelve amazing earth-friendly finds for your kitchen. "Stay kind to the environment with this innovative selection of eco-friendly wares 
for your clean-eating home." 


Ripe Bites!


New dishwashing products, reusable lunch bags and boxes, candy and plastic updates and earth-friendly tips featuring ECOlunchbox's Splash Box lunch box. They write "Lightweight and dishwasher safe, the Splash Box is a great environmentally friendly pick for lunch."

Assembly Woman Honors ECOlunchbox


ECOlunchbox have been named small business of the month by Assemblywoman Katherine Baker! We are thrilled to be recognized for its work in eliminating trash and creating a cleaner environment. 


ECOlunchbox is an Eco-Friendly Company, Actively Aiding in the Plastic Pollution Solution


We've been selected for Jen's May List. She writes: "There are many different ways to say "I love you," and an ECOlunchbox is one of them. Stay away from harmful plastic chemicals, and pack your child a delectable fresh lunch in a versatile container that is safe and convenient. Prevent fast food stops on road trips this summer by preparing your child nutritious snacks in an ECOlunchbox. With its sleek and polished design, say goodbye to mushed sandwiches and fruits! ECOlunchBox also has a line of plastic-free lunch bags and snack containers."

"There are many different ways to say "I love you," and an ECOlunchbox is one of them."

-- JEN LEVINSON, 'supermom' founder of Jen's List

Let's Do Lunch


Dining out for lunch is easy, but it's pricey. In some cities, this daily cost may add up to $200 per month. So kudos to the natural brands [like ECOlunchbox] that make brown bagging affordable, easy, healthy and tasty.

5 Healthy Eating Tips for Families


Trying to eat healthier for many of us means cleaning up our diet and watching both what we eat - as well as how much. Latina Magazine features ECOlunchbox's 5 tips for more mindful eating.

ECOlunchbox: Genuine Positive Social Impact


Kehko showcases companies who make social impact. Kehko.com connects consumers and companies who share ideas and causes that "aim to address the world's most pressing issues." The brands they feature give back to and improve the causes that you care about. So glad to be featured by such a thoughtful, engaged community!

ECOlunchbox on VegNews10 Easy Swaps for an Eco-friendly Home


VegNews suggests 10 easy ideas to get your kitchen green including our eco-friendly lunch boxes. They write, "Packing your own lunch saves you from spending $12 at a salad bar, but it also saves you from using takeaway containers that you’ll throw out anyway. ECOlunchbox makes it easier to bring your gourmet vegan dinner leftovers to work or school—complete with bamboo utensils, cloth napkins, and stainless steel containers."

20 Startups Changing the World


Currency fair featured us as one of their 20 startups changing the world. We are featured along with Mealshare, Seabin, Back to the Roots, Mozambike and other innovative companies. Awesome!

ECOlunchbox Featured by Seventh Generation

Quick Tip from Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation, makers of planet-friendly cleaning supplies, green household wares, baby-safe diapers sent out this handy tip to the internet: Quick tip for school lunches: reach for reusable options while packing. We love these stainless containers from ECOlunchbox. Great green tip!

Stuff We LovePregnancy and Newborn ECOlunchbox

Feast on this! Whether packing our lunches or hosting holiday fetes, we're all about these practical picks. This bento-style lunchbox has encouraged me to be a little more creative when packing my midday meal - and my tastebuds are grateful.


AV Club features ECOlunchbox

A.V. Club Staff Picks

I’ve been looking for the perfect lunchbox for a while, and I finally found it... I suggest it to anyone looking for a sturdy and compact container for commuting that doesn’t result in sacrificing style or capacity, because who wants to skimp on their chips and salsa? Not I!  Read more...

Coolest ECO-friendly Lunch boxes

22 Top Picks for the Back-to-School Season

Shopping for back-to-school products? Although chain office supply stores seem like go-to places to gather your gear, shopping at these places often results in long lines, out-of-stock products and trips to multiple stores. To help resolve these issues, the SaveOnEnergy.com® team has scoured this year's back-to-school items to find the coolest eco-friendly products and supplies that are not only available in stores but also online. Read more...


Shape Magazine features ECOlunchbox12 Brilliant Eco-Friendly Eating Supplies

ECOlunchbox Furoshiki WrapSHAPE Magazine
Two simple knots transform this double-sided cotton wrap into an adorable lunch tote. Drawing on Japanese folding tradition dating back to the 17th century, this brilliant product is ideal for packing snacks, picking up takeout, or carrying just about anything. BPA-free and machine-washable, the fair-trade fabric makes it easy to say goodbye to plastic bags. 

5 Essentials for the On-the-Go Woman

JUIL BLOG by Courtney Engel
Can plastic be trusted? No. Do the right thing for your health and Mother Earth and gravitate away from non-plastics, disposables, vinyl, PVC, BPA, and lead. Especially when you are on the go, gravitating towards these things may be a little challenging. But ECOlunchboxes makes products that are an easy grab – especially when you have little time. ECOlunchbox was founded by Sandra Ann Harris who believed it was near impossible for the lay person to discern good plastics from bad ones because the confusing array of chemicals that are used in this petrochemical product, the lack of consistent labeling, and the shifting types of chemicals added to plastics to manipulate their performance, i.e. is the plastic soft and squishy? Or clear and rigid with a glass-like appearance? She developed a line of stainless steel bentos and cotton lunchbags for families seeking non-breakable, to-go lunchware that’s plastic free.

Buzzfeed Food

27 Ways to Pack a Better Lunch

"... Want to save money AND eat healthier. Bringing lunch from home will help you get started... Here’s a stainless steel one for $26 if you’re worried about chemicals from plastic." See ECOlunchboxes on BuzzFeed Food.


The Honest Co. Loves ECOlunchboxTop 20 Eco-friendly School Supplies

The anticipation and fun of back-to-school shopping always makes it a bit easier to say goodbye to summer. We certainly remember the excitement of selecting Care Bears lunchboxes and eagerly toting them to first grade.

Thankfully, though, today’s school supplies have come a long way since a few, okay many, years ago. You can now find ones that are stylish, colorful, and earth and kid friendly. Music to our Honest ears.

ECOlunchbox Three-In-One Stainless Steel Bento Box: Avoid leaching and messy plastic food containers with this BPA- and lead-free compartmentalized lunchbox.

The Healthiest Lunch Boxes and Containers For Your Kids

Stainless steel is a great food container option because it’s antibacterial and doesn't leach chemicals...The ECOlunchbox is a three in one stainless steel lunch box kit that nests into a compact stack that locks together. It’s great for packing a sandwich and two sides.


Sierra Magazine Features ECOlunchbox

Pack to School

"Returning to class doesn't require a consumerist shopping spree. But for those few things you do actually need to buy new, choose stuff that's vigilantly green. Here are a few ideas... Cut down on single-use bags and packaging with stainless steel Three-in-One Containers by ECOlunchbox."


ECOlunchbox featured on USA TODAY

Have Your School Supplies? 

"New stainless steel containers are not only eco-friendly and free of plastic toxins like BPA, but they're also super-durable and easy to clean."

ECOlunchbox featured on The Kitchn

Top 3 Eco Lunchboxes on The Kitchn

This layered lunchbox set features three rectangular boxes that fit inside each other, so they are easy to transport while keeping your foods separate. And if three is the magic number for your lunches—a sandwich, a side, and a dessert—then this is the choice for you.

"We bring meals in a stainless steel bento ECOlunchbox, usually a sandwich and sliced fruit!"

-- JESSICA ALBA, actress & founder of the Honest Co.

Startup's plastic-free lunchware takes off with consumers 

ECOlunchboxes' plastic-free stainless containers and cotton bags to carry them in are a surprise bestseller in Whole Foods, Container Stores and retail outlets across the U.S. and abroad.

Ecobold interviews ECOlunchboxes Founder Sandra Ann Harris

We interviewed the founder of Ecolunchbox, Sandra Ann Harris, she makes my absolute favorite reusable lunchbox which I take with me every day and fill up with my raw fruits and vegetables (yes raw because I don't like to cook if you don't already know!). This lunchbox is made out of stainless steel and is BPA-free, phthalate-free and PVC-free... 

ECOlunchbox featured in Culture Magazine

Fit For A Moveable Feast

Creatively designed lunch boxes add pizzazz to picnics, school meals, and office snacks.

NBC Philadelphia shows & tells our Furoshiki lunch wraps 

Our new furoshiki lunch wraps and snack sacks catch the eye of eco shoppers at Natural Products Expo in spring 2011. These unique items are based on traditional Japanese furoshiki traditions but with an eco lunch twist.

Simplifying the Simple Life Review 

"I need to take food with me but ziplocks and paper bags are a total no-goes¦ Made entirely of stainless steel, this compact little box is actually three separate containers."

"ECOlunchbox is a healthy and smart choice for your family and wallet."

-- VALERIE COLEMAN MORRIS, CNN Correspondent and Author

ECOlunchbox Featured in Delicious Living Magazine

Delicious Living magazine 

Delicious Living Magazine featured our Oval ECOlunchbox in their Eco-friendly Lunchbox article in September's edition! Pick up a free copy of Delicious Living magazine in your local natural retail store or check it out online.

Market Mommy Puts Spotlight on ECOlunchboxes Founder 

Market Mommy asks ECOlunchbox founder Sandra Harris questions about starting a green business: How long did it take before you felt successful? Sandra:: I felt successful when I completed the final design of our ECOlunchbag + 3 napkins... even though I hadn;t sold even one item yet! Positive thinking is so important for entrepreneurs when starting a new venture. Always believe! And it's never too early to celebrate successes.

These Reusable Lunch carriers are Cool Enough for Grown Ups

The stainless steel eco lunchbox will not only last forever, being made from stainless, but will look cooler with age. I think metal that's a bit dented and worn takes on a great patina, and it will keep food cooler, naturally (think about how much chillier water tastes from a stainless steel bottle, even when it's warm outside). Read more...

Gifting Green for the Holidays 

Earth Times featured ECOlunchboxes in a holiday story about giving green for the holidays. "When it comes to sustainable giving, there's nothing greener than a gift that results in less trash, less toxins, less carbon footprint, less lunchtime expense and overall less impact on Mother Earth," says Sandra Ann Harris who is CEO and founder of ECOlunchboxes.com, a Lafayette, California-based sustainable lunchware company. "Less is definitely more when it comes to giving green."

Lose Weight with These Lunch Boxes

Lose Weight by Packing in these BPA-Free Containers 

"The ECOlunchbox Three-in-One is 100 percent plastic-, waste-, lead-, BPA-, PVC-, and vinyl-free... And for your snacking needs, go for these smaller ECOlunchpod containers..."

ECOlunchbox featured on ABC7

ABC 7 Chicago with Steve Dolinsky 

ECOlunchboxes was mentioned as an ideal lunchbox to pack for kids lunches at school or during the summer at camp in the morning segment: Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids. "You can wash it and reuse it everday!"

ECOlunchbox on Planet Green

Planet Green, A Discovery Company 

"This NOT That: Lunchbox Replacements: Because, really, do your kids recycle at school? These reusable bags, stainless boxes, and sporks don't just keep waste down, but they are super cute, totally functional, won't crush your lunch, and they are washable. Love!"


Food & Wine Loves ECOlunchbox

Best New Lunch Tote 

"ECOlunchboxes selected as a "Best New Lunch Tote" by the editors."

"ECOlunchboxes are an important part of the plastic pollution solution."

-- BETH TERRY, author My Plastic Free Life

ECOlunchbox in Diablo Magazine

Free Lunch

Before you join the pack-a-lunch trend, make sure your containers aren’t harming the environment—or you. Does your child’s vinyl lunch bag contain lead? How safe are the chemicals in your plastic wraps and containers?

Mothering Magazine Featured ECOlunchbox

Healthy for People and Planet

Mothering Magazine features ECOlunchboxes: Healthy for People and the Planet. 
(June/July 2009 print editions only)


Waste-Free Lunches: Start Your Effort Today

"A typical waste-free lunch contains 89 percent less waste than a lunch packed with single-use items. And every plastic bag, juice bag and cracker wrapper that your child doesn’t use is another one that doesn’t end up in a landfill for several hundred years — or blowing into the ocean where it threatens marine life." 

and more...

Organic Connection Profiles ECOlunchbox Founder Sandra Harris

How ECO is your Lunchbox? ECOlunchboxes.com Lunchbox Waste Study 2010 Results 

Less Trash Is a Great Green Gift for the Holidays, Says ECOlunchboxes.com

Marketwire: "How ECO Is Your Lunchbox? New SF Bay Area Company Offers Natural Lunchware"

Enslaved By Faeries 

"The Rectangle ECOlunchbox Three-in-One was the perfect solution...it's totally adorable."

ECOlunchbox's™ Advice to Budding Eco-Entrepreneurs 

Dream. Believe. Then, get Real: do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis.


"Overall, both the company ethic and the product quality are impressive, so ECO Lunchbox earns a top spot for highly recommended reusable eating ware."


"Compact and perfect for traveling."

Lamorinda Weekly features Waste-Free ECOlunchboxes 

Ode Magazine 

Ode Magazine selects ECOlunchboxes as #1 on The Organic Top 20 List in April/May edition.