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Green Gifts for Adventurers

Green Gifts for Adventurers
Keep it green in the great outdoors! Eco-adventurers, hikers, and tree huggers will all love these select gift ideas to take along on their journeys. 

How about an all-natural (and handsome) camping stool for sittin’ by the fire; a few ECOlunchbox Solo Rectangles for grub; a stainless steel pot gripper; and some bamboo utensils? Sup on Patagonia soup and your fave beverage from a vacuum bottle. And keep those footsies warm outdoors with some smart, stylin’ wool hiking socks. 

ECOlunchbox has put together a list of gifts for eco-adventurers, hikers and tree huggers. From bamboo travel utensils to comfy-cozy socks, there are plenty of gift ideas for adventurers to go as green as the great outdoors. Check out these gifts for outdoor lovers.

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 Gifts for Adventurers

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Green Gift Guides

Green Gift Guides

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