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Superb Eco Gifts for Tea Sippers

Superb Eco Gifts for Tea Sippers

How To Make Tea

There is nothing as cozy as a cup of tea on a winter’s night. Luckily one of life’s great pleasures is easily made eco-friendly with a few select products, all which make ideal gifts for tea drinkers in your life.

1. Boil the Water

Let’s start with the basics, the tea itself. The selection from Silk Road Teas is some of the best in the world. They also provide jobs for disabled adults. Order one of their loose leaf teas and skip on the wasteful packaging. Their organic Moroccan Wild Mint is a refreshing choice in the midst of a stressful holiday season.

Beware of premium tea bags made of PET plastic and nylon, because studies have found they release unhealthy microplastics when steeped in nearly boiling water. 

Our stainless steel containers, such as the ECOlunchbox Oval are perfect as both a storage tin and gift box. Just add ribbon!

2. Steep the Tea

Matcha, a powdery green tea, has skyrocketed into popularity in recent years. This bright green tea is rich in antioxidants and delicious.

The preparation is just a tad different so a gift box with a tin of matcha and the necessary matcha whisk is something just outside of ordinary. And even the better, this whisk from Chalait is made from sustainable bamboo.

3. Add Honey to Taste

Speaking of sustainable, this delightful honey dipper by Bambu is made from certified organic bamboo. A bit of honey added to a hot cup of black tea is a sweet way to start the day.

4. Enjoy!

For your friend on the go, gift Libre Tea’s fantastic Infuser. This bottle, which is glass on the inside with a durable BPA-free poly on the outside, eliminates the need for buying wasteful to-go tea in disposable cups. And thanks to the nifty removable filter, it’s easy to steep and sip loose leaf tea right from the infuser.

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