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Gifts for Home Spa Lovers

Gifts for Home Spa Loversby ECOlunchbox Food Container Brand

They say beauty is pain, which is never more true than for the environment. All that packaging can make it feel impossible to ethically give the gift of beauty this holiday season.

Luckily eco-friendly companies create products that embrace the earth and skip the packaging. And each one is small enough to fit in a stocking, hung up by the chimney with care. Check out these gift ideas for spa lovers now!

Gift It In a Tin

Skip gels and creams, opting for a zero packaging bar soap. Purchase a round bar like Anato’s Camper’s Rosemary Shampoo and Soap bar, which fits perfectly in one of our amazingly versatile stainless steel ECOdipper container (see soap in tin in image above). All it needs is a bow! 

Or for something homemade, mix together epsom salt, essential oils, and dried herbs for your very own signature “spa in a tin” blend.

Good To Fill Forever

When it’s time for your next soak, you’re going to love bubbling up with plastic-free joy supplied by Their refillable glass and steel Liquid Soap Foamer is designed for long-lasting, refillable use. 

Either source your own bulk liquid soap or for San Francisco Bay Area customers it’s possible to order the foamer (pictured above) in a set with Dr. Bronner’s castile soap and arrange a home delivery. Mix 1 part liquid soap concentrate with 3 parts water. To pump up the eco-friendly foamy fun and add extra relax, sprinkle in epsom salts and essential oils.

Round and Round It Goes!

Single-use cotton round pads for cosmetic removal are handy, but they're not reusable. What a waste to wipe and discard round after round, day after day, all year long! Can you estimate how many cotton round pads you throw away every year? Hundreds, right?

What if you could choose instead a reusable alternative? Then, you'd use your rounds, wash, repeat. Check out LastRound and choose to reuse. Then you'll be choosing a biodegradable solution that goes round and round hundreds of times before it's composted.

A Smooth Sensation 

Gift the art of shaving this holiday season with a men’s old-school razor from Wowe. Made of environmentally friendly bamboo there’s no need to add more cheaply made disposable razors to the landfill.

The Green and The Beautiful
Scent is as deeply personal as living an eco-friendly lifestyle. The ladies at Earth Tu Face provide both with their plant-based, chemical free Botanical Perfume. Choose from three different scents housed in beautiful colored shells.

Tires That Travel Differently
For a handy, travel ready way to store all your new Christmas products, opt for an adorable Upcycled Tire Toiletries Bag from Eli Reich. An avid cyclist, Eli created this water-resistant pack from reclaimed truck tire inner tubes. Perfect for the gym or the open road.

Organic Three-in-One
For the Crossfit aficionado in your life, hand off this marvel of a product from Anato. Their Wild Wolves Deodoriser functions as a foot powder, deodorant, and even armpit detox!

Clear out those pits of toxic chemicals and bad odors from traditional antiperspirants and go au naturale!


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