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Packing a Perfect Picnic

Packing a Perfect Picnic

What To Pack For Fun in the Sun

Ah, summer. It’s the perfect time of year to do so many outdoorsy things. One of our favorite outdoor summer activities is going on a picnic. Packing a perfect picnic can seem daunting, but it’s easier than you might think!

Whether you are packing a picnic for date night or taking the whole family on an adventure, here are our top tips for a zero-waste, eco-friendly perfect picnic lunch!

We invite you to hit the easy button this summer with your next picnic outing.

Load Up On Finger Foods

Handling a knife and fork can be challenging when you’re dining on your lap. Choosing an assortment of finger foods that serve well at room temperature. Don’t pack mayo and other picnic spoilers! Pick a few sweet and a few savory options to appeal to every palette. To cut down on waste, shop your local natural foods bulk section and BYO reusable containers like our Blue Water Bentos or glass jars from Goods Holding Co. with tare weights.

Pre-Cut Your Veggies

Most vegetables will keep fairly well if you cut them in advance, but it isn’t always necessary. Save yourself some time and bring your veggies whole. Cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers and celery can be washed and packed - no prep necessary!

Choose Fruit You Don’t Need To Cut

A brown apple at a picnic doesn’t add to the fun. Instead choose whole fruits (think berries, peaches, whole apples etc.) that you can simply wash and toss in a container to go!

Visit The Prepared Foods Bar

You can also take your own containers to your deli or gourmet prepared food bar. Let the professionals do the chopping and cooking, so you don’t have to! Voila! Easy peasy yummy in no-waste style without any work.

Have it Delivered

Don’t have time to drive to pick up goodies? If you really want to hit the easy button, order prepared snacks from Good Eggs or another box delivery service. Some food box companies, like Good Eggs, even offer same day delivery service! Check to see if Grub Hub, Door Dash, Uber Eats, Delivery Dudes specializing in restaurant pick-up can help you out with a same-day delivery. Request compostable take-out containers and ask them not to provide plastic utensils, straws or napkins.

Reusable Dishes

It’s nice for each person to be able to serve themselves portions, instead of grazing from shared containers. But, if you’re going for zero waste, you don’t want single-use paper or styrofoam plates. Instead, choose our camping trays that are not only reusable, but are divided into sections to keep foods from touching. (Yuck! Says my youngest!) Remember, heat and plastic don’t mix, so avoid using leachy plastic especially in hot weather!

Get Fancy (Without the Extra Effort!)

Who doesn’t love a lunch with variety? In Good Eggs’ Antipasti Lunch, you’ll get a great mix of foods that are easy to eat, and require less than 10 minutes preparation time. They have an AMAZING Pesto Grilled Cheese that will hold up in the heat - no mayo or anything that goes wonky without refrigeration. Delicious at any temperature!

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