Green Fundraising for Schools & More

We would love to help your school or organization go green and raise money at the same time!

Option 1: We can assign your club, school or organization an online code to track orders placed through our ECOlunchbox Webstore. When the promotion is over, we'll add up all the sales generated and write a donation check for 15% made out to your group.

Please contact us so we can assign your group a unique tracking code for online purchases via our Webstore.

Option 2: Similar to Option 1, this fundraiser can be done entirely online. We offer the opportunity to sell $30 ECOlunchbox gift certificates to your community. Your group earns $5 for every gift certificate sold. How does it work? The $30 gift certificate is offered to you by ECOlunchbox for $25.

Option 3: If you have a resale license and are willing to buy in bulk, families from your school or organization can purchase ECOlunchboxes lunchware online through our Wholesale Ordering System by the case pack. Then you can resell the lunchware to raise money. Your fund raising percentage would be 35% or more depending on order volume.

Eco-friendly Fundraising List 

Got enough wrapping paper? Had enough cookie dough? Don’t really want your family eating cardboard pizza (and worse) to make a few bucks for the school? YES, there are plenty of other choices; here are a few fundraisers you can feel good about buying and having your kids ask your friends and family to buy.

ECOlunchboxECOlunchboxes Lafayette, Calif. -- Does your school have a program to encourage waste-free lunches? ECOlunchboxes offers a great plastic-free and waste-free line of stainless bento boxes and artisan bags for all ages. See above for two easy fundraiser options let you earn up to15% to 20% of sales for your school. Additionally, if packing waste-free lunches is something your school is educating about, we can support teachers and parents with educational materials.

SchoolaSchoola San Francisco, Calif. -- Schoola is a retailer of gently used kids’ and women’s clothing and accessories that donates 40% of their sales proceeds to partner schools. Funds raised support over 15,000 schools across the country. You can more about them here.


Chico BagsChico Bag Chico, Calif. -- Interested in the plastic-free movement? Now that California has banned the single-use plastic bag, interest and demand for reusable shopping bags is surging. Chico Bags, offers up to 40% on sales of its extensive line of products. To learn more about their program, click here.


High Mowing Organic Seeds Wolcott, VT -- Planning a school garden? Eager to seed interest in plants? High Mowing Organic Seeds are available at a wholesale price that allows fundraising organizations to enjoy a 50–60% profit margin. Individual seed packets include detailed planting instructions, and the High Mowing website has excellent guides to growing and seed saving.


Back to the Roots Oakland, Calif. -- Mushrooms are good food - and good fun for families. Back to the Roots provides grow-your-own-mushroom kits for school fundraising. The easy-to-grow mushroom spore are embedded in 100% recycled coffee grounds and can yield a crop in as little as 10 days. Schools earn 15% to 40% from sales of the kits depending on whether the fund raiser is 100% online or involved bulk purchases with direct delivery to the school. Anyone who posts a picture of their fully grown mushroom kit on the Back to the Roots Facebook page can earn a donation of a kit and sustainability curriculum for an elementary school classroom of their choice.


Growums Wellington, FL -- Tapping into the food and farm movement sweeping the USA, these garden kits are a great way to teach children how to easily grow and care for a garden of their very own. A full 50% of the proceeds earned through a Growums fundraiser goes directly to the school, while a portion of revenues is also donated to feeding needy children. Growums offers six different garden themes (Pizza, Taco, Herb, Stir-Fry, Salad and Ratatouille) for $10 each. Click here for more information. 

Doorstep Farmers Pleasant Hill, Calif. – This is a win-win all the way around! Doorstep Farmers deliver fresh, local and organic produce to your doorstep weekly or bi-weekly, with easy online opt-in opt-out selections, boxes sized for families of all sizes, recipes, newsletters, and a fundraising set-up that can develop a continuous income stream for the school! Support local farms, support local schools - it's all good! Click here for more information. 

Whole Foods Markets nationwide -- Whole Foods Market Gift Card Fundraising Program. What better way to raise funds than by asking parents to purchase gift cards for something they already need -- groceries! Whole Foods Market offers non-profit and school organizations the opportunity to purchase gift cards at a discount. Sell the cards at face value and keep 3% as profit. Learn more about how to participate here.

Glass Dharma Straws Fort Bragg, Calif. -- Known for their uniqueness, strength, and beauty, GlassDharma straws are a yummy way to go green by reducing dependence on throw-away plastic straws. And they are absolutely gorgeous and a pleasure to use when drinking most anything, including smoothies, iced tea, lemonaide and all your favorite beverages! Depending which fundraising option your group choses, Glass Dharma will donate back between 35% and 50% of sales. For more information, email or click here.