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We’ve Got “Jumbo” News

We’ve Got “Jumbo” News

The Seal Cup family is growing! Meet Jumbo, the sixth round container in our Blue Water Bento plastic-free, leak-proof nesting set. The Seal Cup Jumbo with its tentacle-inspired purple lid is designed to nest with the other five cups.

First came the Seal Cup Trio, which includes Small, Medium and Large Cups. Then we launched the Seal Cup Mini and Seal Cup XL. And now, making a big splash with its six-cup capacity, we’ve added the Seal Cup Jumbo.

All the Seal Cups are made from steel and silicone so they’re 100% plastic-free, dishwasher safe and non-breakable!

Seal Cup Jumbo

We’ve designed the cup so that you can pack up several when you head out to work or school in the morning. Stack them up, tuck them in your lunch bag, backpack or briefcase and rest easy knowing they are leakproof. At the end of the day, you can tuck one inside the other and pack them home compactly nested.

This feature, which won our cup collection a best in class recognition by Real Simple Magazine, is also great when it comes to storing them away in your kitchen. They can tuck into small spaces so conveniently.

But the real benefit lies in feeding your appetite... pack an extra-large portion of leafy greens, side dishes, and small toppings without fumbling for space or fighting spillage.

Our Blue Water Bento collection lunch containers are designed FOR the ocean and BY the ocean. In fact, our Seal Cup Jumbo lid is embossed with abstract octopus tentacles and vibrant colors for a playful tribute to the environment. The other designs are inspired by waves crashing on the beach, starfish, nubby ridges on a shell, tidepools and more. With our oceans cleaner, we keep dangerous plastics out of your lunch and our majestic waters.

If you already own the Seal Cup Trio, you can buy additionally-sized cups a la carte. Or, if you haven’t tried our Seal Cup containers yet, buy at a discounted price the entire set here for a cost-effective solution to eating on-the-go.   

This set ensures that your plastic-free lunching future is signed, “sealed” and delivered each and every day! Happy munching and lunching!   

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