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Behind the Scenes: Our Ocean Inspiration

Ocean Friendly Plastic Free Bento Food Containers

Did you ever wonder about our colorful silicone lid designs?

For and By the Ocean

Our Blue Water Bento lunch containers are designed FOR the ocean and BY the ocean. It's the beauty of our oceans that has inspired all our designs. Here's a peek behind the scenes in our design studios where we conceived of the colorful embossed designs you'll find in our no-leak Blue Water Bentos.

These sketches were a first step toward envisioning how the ocean's inspiration could show up in a lid, reminding our community of the joy and purpose in saying goodbye to plastic at lunchtime.

Blue Water Bento lunch containers

We took forms found in nature and distilled them down to minimalist shapes that still captured the basic structure of kelp, urchins, sand ripples, shells and more. What else can you see in our pencil sketches above? Starfish? Sand dollars?

Some of our designs were intentionally abstract, harking to the oceans but leaving to the user's imagination the specific source of our inspirational embossed patterns. We brainstormed lots of lid designs - but not all made the cut as you can see from the image above.

Seeing in Joyous Colors

We also wanted our new products line's color palette to be a celebration of our love of the oceans. We sought to channel how the ocean makes us feel: joy, playfulness and harmony. In selecting our colors, we started by reviewing of favorite swatches (as seen below) then narrowing down to the deep cobalt, urchin orange, teal, sky blue and other uplifting hues.

Seeing in Color

Four Favorite Lids

 Splash Pod

The elegant forms of seaweed swaying underwater inspires our design of the Splash Pod lid.

Seal Cup Trio

Spiny urchins are featured in a splash of orange on the lid of the Seal Cup Trio's largest cup.

Seal Cup Trio

Sand ripples marked by the ocean waves are reflected in the embossed design of the sky blue lid of the medium container of the Seal Cup Trio.

Seal Cup Solo

The nubby ridges of delicate seashells make a great texture for the embossed Seal Cup Solo's teal lid. This container is also featured in the Seal Cup Trio.

To see all of our designs, please visit our Blue Water Bento shop. If you accidentally lose a lid, don't worry because we also offer replacement lids for sale.

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