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Lunch Bag Header Cards

NEW - Introducing Header Cards for our Lunch Bags!

Check out our new lunch bag header cards for peg wall displays! They tuck right inside the velcro opening of our lunchbags and call out all the eco-friendly selling points of our organic cotton canvas machine washable lunch totes!

These ship separately from the bags upon request. They need to be added to your shopping cart ($1 fee for 6 header cards) in our wholesale ordering portal. A scannable barcode is printed on the back for easy check-out at the register. The header card works will all the marine life prints.

Printed on recycled paper, this header card is part of our ongoing commitment to keep our products and packaging as plastic free as possible. We are still using poly bags to protect our lunch bags from dirt and grime in the warehouse, but we're looking for a tissue paper sack solution to replace this as soon as possible. This poly bag is the last piece of plastic in our packing. We've removed all the other plastic from our cartons and packs already!

To download the images on a pc, right click on the image and select save-as to select the location for the image.

To download the images on a mac, click and hold on one of the images below until a dialog box appears.

Header cards fit inside velcro flap.

Customers can open bag top to look inside and replace without damaging packaging.

Rear panel of header card features descriptive text and a scannable UPC for check-out.

Our Blue Water Bento machine-washable lunch bags are sold in various marine life patterns, including turtle, whale, seahorse, dolphin, octopus and starfish.

They can be purchased in eaches in our wholesale shop for a colorful display.


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