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Ocean Lovers at Play Gift Guide

Ocean Lovers at Play Gift Guide

For an ocean lover, a trip to the coast is always invigorating and inspiring.

This landscape is also a source of inspiration for some of our favorite sustainable brands. Dedicated to keeping destructive plastic out of the water, each company makes their wares with upcycled plastic or alternative plastic-free materials. Check out these gift ideas for ocean lovers.


We bring the ocean to lunch with our ECOlunchbox Blue Water Bento Collection. Our silicone and steel containers are leak-free and plastic-free, providing all the convenience and ease of plastic containers sans plastic, pair perfectly with the lovely Kyoto S'well water bottle. S'well's Kyoto design features carnation flowers atop a backdrop of waves.

ECOlunchbox's colorful Blue Water Bento plastic-free containers pay homage to the marine plants and animals we look to help by reducing the plastic debris that ends up in the oceans.

We believe that with our Blue Water Bento collection we're tapping into the desires of families everywhere to live healthier lives - for both people and planet!


A well-made skateboard rides the pavement like a wave. The radical Minnow Cureo skateboard from Bureo is a marvel of upcycling. With a deck made entirely from recycled fishing nets, each board saves 30 square feet of harmful netting from entering our precious oceans.


A killer pair of shades is essential on the open water. Opt for ones made with repurposed bamboo over harmful plastic that endanger birds and marine life. SOLO Eyewear pulls off the delicate balance of style and sustainability with flying colors in their lightweight Bamboo Sunglasses.


A trip to the beach requires the perfect bag. Throw your suit, towel, and ECOlunchbox into the Wayfare Duffle by Haiku. Constructed with CyclePET, this vegan, nontoxic fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles. Their dedication to upcycling an item so often dumped in the ocean is laudable. And so are all the convenient pockets they provide for your belongings.

ECOlunchbox into the Wayfare Duffle by Haiku


The ocean gives us so much. It is crucial we take care of it as best we can. When it comes to enjoying its bounty, select the “best choice” fish like the ethically harvested Wild Pink Salmon found in Patagonia’s Wild Sockeye Salmon Gift Box. Enjoy the lightly smoked, fully cooked salmon right out of the pouch or warm it up in hot water and serve fancy over rice, grains or greens!


The House Of Marley Chant Mini Bluetooth is the ideal companion to a day spent on the sand. This small but mighty speaker is stylishly outfitted with REWIND fabric; scrap fabric sourced from virgin hemp fabric blended with reclaimed organic cotton and fibers made from recycled water bottles.

REWIND fabric turns something usually thrown into landfills, including “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch" of the North Pacific, into a thing of beauty and music.

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